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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. My favourite moments were with Siobhan hesitantly bopping to Keisha’s choices of songs as she probably had never heard them.
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  2. The way they harmonise perfectly accidentally? They are so gifted it hurts.
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  3. kal


    Keisha's stories from a Chris Brown concert…

    *skull emoji*
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  4. Something really quite uncanny about hearing Mutya’s voice briefly on a Spice Girls song. Like two worlds colliding.
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  5. Wow they sound so amazing together, and the top of the props made me teary. They just look so happy, and have a marvelous time together. I hope it stays that way forever, as well as the incoming success and recognition they deserve.

    The industry has slept on them for too long, and it’s time to awaken everyone on being one of the worlds greatest girl bands (next to the supremes, Destiny’s child, tlc, and little mix).
  6. Absolutely adore how Keisha likes to remind everyone that they won the name back.
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  7. Siobhan is so adorable.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member


    @fancygreen watching me book hotels and give out SIM card advice cos I've done this before
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  9. Me feeling very confident in figuring things out going in:

    Me after you masterfully zipped through travel advice like nobody's business:
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  10. Since we have heard 1.0 sing About You Now, what other songs would you have on the set (wish) list?

    I’ve been listening to Spiral a lot recently, would be nice to hear a small section of it - I probs need to hear Ace Reject and Never Gonna Dance Again live.
  11. Id love for them to do one foot in and real thing. Also whatever makes you happy and conversations over
  12. Omg ace reject and never gonna dance again yes yes yes!!! 6B79BCC6-6476-4F1B-BA0E-3B96141543BD.gif

    But I think they’ll only do single releases, a cover, new songs, and maybe a medley of a few tracks fused together.
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  13. I love that as soon as Siobhan sees that globe, she screams. The trauma All Around The World must have caused...
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  14. A reunion with the former members would be my biggest nightmare so I can't help but stan this reasonable queen.
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  15. The babes are on Hits Radio (London) with Fleur right now
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  16. Made the decision to do meet & greet at Liverpool on my own. But I don’t have an American Express card and that seems to be the only way to get M&G. Does anyone know if there is any other way?
  17. I mean, I don't think someone in his position has any reason to lie? I'm more inclined to think Mutya is doing damage limitation but it's definitely a strange one.
  19. I love the effervescence they are carrying now. Must be such a relief to be able to move on things.
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  20. Imagine the collective meltdown this forum will have when they eventually announce an album..

    I used to beat myself up about how I was never able to see the girls live and now it’s actually happening… What a way to end the year.
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