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Sugababes - UK Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Don’t feed the troll.
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  2. I continue to be dumbfounded that it's 2022 and we are seeing Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy singing and dancing to About You Now. Just amazing.
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  3. I'm not here for censorship but... I vote for deleting/ignoring all posts that refer to 'I wish Heidi/Amelle/Jade were part of this line up.'
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  4. Did 1.0 ever start to record/write a second album/songs before Heidi joined?
  5. Is there a Heidi version of “All Around the World” as well?
  6. I think they said in that recent song association video that it pre-dates One Touch, so I doubt it?
  7. #poorAmelia
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  8. I always thought that it's this song mentioned in the book.

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  9. [​IMG]

    Thank you lovely! The Sugarate does (I think!) quite comprehensively cover a lot of the topics that come up repeatedly in this thread, especially the different styles and perceptions of the albums. Do like and subscribe!
  10. ADM


    I only bought two tickets for London thinking I'd have a hard time convincing people to fly over with me from Dublin, and no surprise anyone I mention it to wants to come! I'll be on the lookout for resale tickets from now on..
  11. Please can we just delete any comment that mentions Heidi, Jade or Amelle? Or even better just block them?!
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  12. Hoping they will announce an Irish date after this wkend. Maybe they couldn’t until after westlife
  13. Or maybe people could take a breather and go and explore other threads in the forum, maybe even post in some? You know, as per the forum rules. Might stop the conversation going ‘round and round.’
  14. I’m having a moment with In The Middle. I never cared for the album version but I’ve just listened to the radio edit. The different vocals and added instrumental punch during the chorus after Keisha’s verse, really elevates it.
  15. This thread is blocking my chakras.
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  16. Hopefully the next Sugababes Hits compilation remembers they have a few single mixes.
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  17. RRS


    I love the hi-drama here. Its so ridiculous and some of you need to have a word but its amazingly entertaining.
  18. So, Ticketmaster UK finally answered my messages, and placed the tickets for Manchester in my account, after they went missing after I paid for them last week. Yay!
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  19. I never could get into that song. It sounds like Brian fell onto a keyboard and recorded the noise.
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  20. It’s a (fab!) sample!
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