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Sugababes: versions 1, 2 and 3

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Which version is this?! WHICH VERSION I ASK!!!?? (jokes)
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  2. Blue and More Than a Million Miles Long are the only album tracks from Angels I use anymore (and occasionally Virgen Sexy)...
    Angels really just doesn't have the impact it once had for me...
    Three remains pretty reliable...
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  3. More Than a Million Miles Long is the only song on Angels which I felt could have had Siobhan on. It sounds very much like the bridge between album 1 and 2.

    Would love to hear that one live.
  4. I feel like I could maybe imagine Siobhan on Blue or Just Don't Need This...
    I know a few folks around here would consider this sacrilege, but I would love to hear what a lineup of Keisha, Siobhan, and Heidi would sound like...
  5. Yeah, this one too actually. Not sure about Blue.
  6. Could anyone imagine Siobhan on Get Sexy??
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  8. Yes, easily. This look isnt that far off from the Get Sexy video outfits

    Also she already did Push The Button and some other 2.0 poppy sounds plus Boys and Drum say hi
  9. For a kii, I'd love MKS to do a Get Sexy/Easy mashup.
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  10. I always felt like if they really wanted to be cheeky, then they should perform Freedom...
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  11. When did this thread become the Facebook group
  12. kal


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  13. We rarely talk about old unreleased music. What do you think of these?

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  14. Which was the unreleased song from inbetween Siobhan leaving and Heidi joining where there's a different girl singing?
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  16. He


    How did the Flatline video turn out so terrible and unrepresentative of the song? It's mind-boggling.
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  17. And literally throwing the budget away by going all the way to LA... What a hell? This is why they need someone like Fascination..
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  18. My mind is blown by the revelation of ANOTHER Sugababes line-up.
  19. Yet they‘ve never ever did any promo, perormed there.
  20. kal


    Yes, the highly elusive Sugababes 1.9.

    I still wonder who leaked this.
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