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Sugababes: versions 1, 2 and 3

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I love that, when questioned, Keisha had no idea who the other girl on Low is.
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  2. I looooove that Sometimes acapella clip which was out there for years and this version is pretty bad to be honest.
    ‘Hot Under the Collar’ is an ace and I appreciate they tried to do something different and it would definitely spice up ‘Catfights’ a bit.

    I also really enjoyed 2.0’s The Game’. Shame I had it in my old laptop.
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  3. I love "Low". It's actually one of my favourite songs of theirs. (Oops.) Wasn't it later released by a different act?

    I've always wondered about the full history of "Hot Under the Collar". Wasn't it originally recorded during 2.0? (I assume this because I have a vague recollection of it being registered in like 2004 or something, but I might be mistaken.) Regardless, I've always loved how Amelle and especially Heidi (who knew) sound on this one. Weirdly, I think Keisha sounds a bit off on it.

    My favourite part of "The Game" is when Keisha goes "this is my destinYYY" only to be immediately interrupted by an overwhelming amount of harmony (I think it's kind of funny). It's also amazing how even in all its early 00s RealPlayer stream-like bitrate, that Mutya sounds clear as a bell.

    I've heard that the full-length of "Party in the Club" exists on the Girls in Love DVD. Was there every any truth to this?
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  4. Tease gives me so much vibes from 2000's and love it. I'd rather have this on Angels as a bonus track instead of No man no cry.

    Hot under the collar is brilliant, I liked that too

    Well, I accepted the fact that unreleased and b-sides are superior to many other songs that got to the albums.
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  5. Hot Under The Collar is AMAZING!
  6. I can't find Hot Under The Collar anywhere to post in here but I guess we all know it anyway.

    I've been waiting for Party In The Club in full.
  7. kal


    I think Hot Under the Collar was rumored as a b-side for one of the Change or Catfights singles but I definitely don't recall it being mentioned earlier.

    For 2.0 I remember Strung Out being mentioned before Taller came out, and there was also something called Heatwave that never saw the light of day.
  8. What's going on with MKS? Are they still friends? Is there still a hope for music?
  9. Yep, 'Heatwave' and 'Lustful Dancefloor' were supposed to be b-sides for a third single with Mutya from 'Taller'.
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  10. They went to a Lesbian Party and were never seen in public again.
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  11. Keisha finally ate them
  12. She practically forgot Siobhan's name for many years after 1.0 so this doesn't shock me.
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  13. Damn Sugababes and their line up changes, that has really got to be something in the end members leaving so many times that no original founding members are left! Then the band really is over, imagine that with Girls Aloud or Spice Girls. Sugababes really were different, they wern't about personalities at all - anyone could have been a Sugababe more or less!
  14. I always look to you for a hard hitting analysis.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Watch out, everyone... here comes @dietcokeaddict with some insightful analysis from the general public circa 2010.
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  17. Who wrote and produced Low?
  18. The other girl on the track was probably just some session singer, or possibly the writer laying down the guide vocal, and they'll have ran through the song in the studio and then cut a rough mix. Songs can sit around on desks at record companies for years, and it's not like this unknown girl was in the studio with them or ever met any of them. Keisha not saying Siobhan's name for a while when referencing the earlier line-up was just a bit of shade and/or spite, going on what stories had been published about things Siobhan said about her. Basic stuff, we all do it.
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  19. I thought that too, but the song sounds quite finished rather than just a guide demo vocal.
  20. Imagine if the other girl ever decides to come out of the woodwork to sell her tell-all story to The Sun! “Catfights Without Spotlights: My Life As An ORIGINAL Sugababes 2.0 Member”.

    No one would care, apart from this forum.
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