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Sugababes: versions 1, 2 and 3

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. He's a fan just like us and posted on this forum regularly. You have to understand that everyone took the piss out of Amelle, Heidi, and Jade by that point. They even took the piss out of themselves with Katy Brand, though one got the sense they had little choice but to stop the tears.
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  2. kal


    To everyone claiming Mutya and Keisha never got as much flack - you were probably not around during 2002 - 2005 so bless your young souls.

    Outside of this forum, Mutya is the Sugababe who has been attacked about everything, from the way she looks, the way she dresses to the way she talks. And Keisha the bully...
  3. Seeing All Saints on festival posters has me really looking forward to next year with the possibility of seeing the Sugababes on them! (I live in misguided hope.)
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  4. Ha ha ha ha the Heidi outside the window is hilarious
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  5. And hows that changing anything...? Besides to answer to your post i'll use Kal's post

    Yes, its true a lot of people were and still are attacking Mutya for the way that she looks, dresses etc They often took piss out of Mutya. Does that mean we're suppose to praise those people? Be happy about them? Do what they do?

    Of course there's nothing wrong with some sense of humor but i feel like there's less some good sense of humor and more of throwing certain members under the bus. But to each their own
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  6. It won't change a thing. It's an opinion just like this: the writer wrote a mocking article about the 'Sugababes', and you became mildly irritated with him to the point that @kal suggested you not take it so personally. You became annoyed because the writer mocked 4.0, which is fine...but you responded with a slightly bitchy dig at his profession ("Guess journalism is going trough some tough time if they need to focus on really old (and irrelevent) details from Sugababes past,") which was completely at odds with the sentiment you expressed on this page. I think if you're going to criticise the tone of an article then you should make sure you don't come across as similarly catty in your opinion. If you find it bizarre that people focus on certain lineups and details from the past, then others may find your disdain for a former poster/journalist just as odd.

    I think the article is funny and an extension of the topics we've covered on this thread many, many, many, many times in the past.
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  7. Praise them? No.
    Be happy about them? No.
    Do what they do? No.

    Accept the fact that people on forums have differing opinions / senses of humour and move on? Yes.

    It will be a sad day when we run out of Sugahumour!
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  8. It's all we have these days...
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  9. Fair enough, you're right i wasnt very nice with that quote but on the other hand im just an anonymous poster on a fan forum. Im not trying to build my career or make money out of the stuff i post.
  10. I can't believe these were the covers used for the Follow Me Home single, Could they be any less representative of the song itself.
  11. HRH


    Have you seen the video?
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  12. Yeah, I don't understand why that video was made. It's like they had a concept for a totally different song to be released at a totally different time of year - and then decided at the last minute to throw it at Follow Me Home.
  13. The 'Red Dress' single cover bothered me too because they.. didn't wear any red dress. Haha.
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  14. They were koolah than the red dress.
  15. Speak of the devil, here it comes again

    Actually they never really used single covers as a represantation for what the song is like. The only fitting examples are Stronger/Angels With Dirty Faces because they used scenes directly from the videos as covers. Other than that Hole In The Head, About You Now and Freedom had covers using photos with the girls wearing similar/the same outfit as in the video. Apart from those it was completely random
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  16. Soullessbabes.
  17. MM


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  18. No-one does side-eye like Mutya.
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