Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

There's a single about to be released, right? Or is it just a rumour on the forum?
I’m pretty sure Keisha said/hinted there will by new music by the time they perform at Glastonbury. I don’t know when that is, but I’d say it’s reasonable to expect a new single by then. Hopefully with a video this time!
You know? Now that I think about it, with the endless leaks last time, maybe their silence in regards to new music is a good thing. I don’t know how the music leaked last time but I think is not really knowing who they’re working with is a good thing.

Producing an album independently is expensive and I’d hate to see any hold ups.
It's probably just the fact that they're independent and have to do their own A&R work.

Siobhan also has two very young kids so I can't see her wanting to start an album campaign until the summer when there's more flexibility.
I can fully understand why they are being quiet and taking their time. They've expressed their wishes for things to be enjoyable, to fit around their personal lives, and to avoid the pressure they faced before. In the past, they had a lot of machinery behind them, and the promotional efforts were intense. I don't anticipate it being the same moving forward; it's more about finding balance now. Also, they're being cautious due to past experiences with leaks and sabotage of their music plans, even from within their own studio practices months ago.

The music will come before we know it!
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Calm down girlies, when do you expect for them to have recorded an entire album?

This is truly the longest they’ve had some down time since they debuted at Hoopla, one member has a young family and one lives in another country, and gone are the days one member could go in and lay down an entire album then have the others come and separately fill in the blanks.

Plus navigating independence. We endured the MKS saga, we really shouldn’t be at panic stations yet.
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There's so many things I'd love from this group but my main fixture at work is their Boiler Room set this Monday morning. I know everyone says this, but they're just so cool. New music is always a top tier priority for me, but I'd love more professionally recorded performances, sets at festivals etc. Better yet, One Night Only needs to be released. In a Blayke-ideal world, it will be included as a CD+DVD/BluRay set for the release of their new upcoming album.

One can wish!