Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

It's quite odd how they're doing Cork tomorrow and then coming back to Dublin in 6 weeks. Get those air miles, girls!
They really understood the assignment on how to get back out there. I know we all want some new music but it makes me so happy seeing them busy, hopefully connecting with more and more people so that they can explode when they come back with new music.

Obviously, I'm not expecting record breaking sales. But a cute Top 10 album that eventually goes Platinum would be incredible.
I think it's been important for them to establish themselves as the definitive line up, too. The public are most familiar with 2.0 and a lot of people didn't remember or even know about Siobhan when MKS first came back. There are also the constant jokes about line up changes, which will hopefully die down a bit now they've been back and solid for a good while.
I'd probably have gone if I didn't have a wedding tomorrow, but tbh I'm curious to see the setlist and if it hasn't changed it won't be the end of the world if I don't make the Dublin date. I've seen this set more or less 4 times.


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Too bad neither of them are releasing new music nn
I was there, got front row which was nice!

It was very quick compared to the London show but that’s to be expected for a Summer show. Standing was pretty much sold out and seating was about 1/4 full but that area is small. I’d say they sold 3/4 of the venue and the crowd was very loud and enthusiastic.

In no order : Freak Like Me (opener), Red Dress, Stronger, Ugly, Overload, Shape, Push The Button, About You Now (closer), Round Round, Flowers, Flatline, When The Rain Comes, Today, Hole In The Head, Too Lost In You.

They were having fun on stage and the vocals were great. They came over to us a lot of and interacted which was really cute. They also looked so stunning. Siobhán was quite shy but Mutya and Keisha ate it up.

Cons were, as usual with that venue, there was sound issues and poor Siobhán was barely audible for the entire show. They kept pointing it out to the sound guys and fiddling with their ear pieces. Mutya and Keisha sounded incredible and when Siobhán did come through, she was pitch perfect, so that was annoying. There was also no visuals on any of the screens apart from the logos or any interludes, costume changes, it was all straight through. About 70mins.

There was also a lot of very very drunk straight women in the venue and a fight broke out right next to me during Shape. They literally stopped the show and walked over to see if this young girl who got punched was okay. It was really intense next to me and really baffling to me that people could not get through a show without acting like that. A group of women next so me kept turning their backs to the stage to filming themselves and just spoke through Flatline because they didn’t know it. Don’t come to the front row if you’re not a big fan. It’s to be expected but I just hate that behaviour.