Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

Sorry guys to change the subject but I read someone here, a couple of pages back, saying that Keisha does not seem to like Catfights....did she say anything about it to explain that? Because she wrote most of those songs (and it is such a shame some of them will never be performed live, with the incredible harmonies they can create nowadays)
It's definitely a shame if she's not a fan of it but maybe it's more about the situation they were in at the time and perhaps it's relative lack of success - it was their first album since One Touch not to make the top 5 in the charts and only produced two singles, one of which flopped. The music - bar one or two songs - is up there but the rest sadly wasn't.
I too echo that I wish the photo print was on the front of the shirt, rather than the back.

But come on guys, you’re doing way too much about @kal. He’s a massive fan stating his feelings and opinions about where things are at. You are acting like he’s slating Heidi’s withered and horrible live vocals or Amelle’s inability to have breath control singing a single line. You don’t have to ignore, but you don’t have to react either.

I’m more hopeful and am so excited for what’s coming next, but I understand Kal’s perspective even if I don’t agree at all.
I just wish that the Glastonbury tee had the image on the front rather than the back.
AND that Siobhan and Mutya had different poses.

I'd say this is a huge missed opportunity for them. Not just as 1.0 but any line-up. It's insane that they've not released a single live album in their collective 25 years as a group. Especially when you consider that they're a vocal group.
Definitely! I wonder if Mutya had stayed maybe we would’ve gotten one, or at least some form of live DVD release.
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Nobody is asking you to be blindly positive, we're asking you to tone down the blind negativity across several threads on here.
Is it really blind negativity though sis? Is it really?

Could @kal shut the fuck up please and thank you. You've moaned to your heart's content for months now. You know new music is coming. Either wait or take a break from the thread or forum. The mods should slap a ban on you if you can't give us a fucking break.
I'm making this into a t-shirt.
Is it really blind negativity though sis? Is it really?
When it comes up all the time, yes. We all know how you feel about this situation. Dead people know how you feel about this situation at this point. I don't want to keep going round round baby round round in circles with this but we get it.


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