Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

Has there been any more news on who they’re working with in the studio.

With the Joy Anonymous remix of PTB soon on it’s way to 1mill on Spotify with no promo, I’m hoping they jump on a dance feature or two.

“RedOne, Sugababes!”

I do have to admit that I'm slightly gutted that there isn't a music video for When The Rain Comes. I think their show at the O2 would've been the perfect opportunity for it. They never talked about doing/working on a video, did they? I'm just wondering what and if they were any reason for it.

I wasn't thinking about anything groundbreaking, in fact I had quite a simple but strong and beautiful visual in my head. Obviously I pictured those black & white shots of them used for the single cover etc. as part of the music video.. Starting off with the sound of thunder followed by pouring rain before the music and Mutyas verse. They're in this simple, plain room and when the chorus kicks in it starts to rain, occasionally we see shots of a grey sky and heavy clouds when it goes up and they come together one more time for the last chorus and at the end we see the sun come out but just slightly and it fades out. It's basically a full extended version of the visualizer sorts of haha

The only thing I didn't wanted, is for the video to be in complete black & white maybe just for the separate verses or the choruses.

I really like to think back how excited I was each and every time when they came out with a new music video and the whole build up before it's premiere, I think the last one I was really excited for was probably AAG than came the shock I do miss this days, seems like a different, fictive reality sometimes.
It's just not financially viable for them to spend however much on a video for 100k views and no chart impact.

I got that, that's actually what I thought too but still they're the Sugababes, they had a really good year last year, played one of their biggest shows and had quite the coverage since they came back. I guess there'll be a music video for the next release perhaps but still I don't think it has to do with money, it is possible to create something one not such a big budget and I guess most of us including the rest of the fans/music lovers would've been thrilled.
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