Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

I don’t think anyone is erasing Heidi, she is literally on all other songs on streaming with exception to One Touch.

It is about the band moving forward, what are they suppose to do, memoriam for Heidi everytime they mention the legacy.

There isn’t any shade, they are 1.0, it’s as simple as that. They have addressed previous line ups many times and continue to do so, with no shade.

It isn’t to mention, they have been together again since 2010… as MKS and rightfully Sugababes latterly.

Super proud of their achievements, including previous lineups - with exception from 4.0.
That was a bit underwhelming, no? Like, why would they start sitting down? It killed the mood, for me, from the start. And why no ''When the Rain Comes''?

This is nuts!

The Overload sit down is an iconic part of Sugababes history that continued throughout the lineups. That’s why they started with it.

When the Rain Comes would’ve absolutely killed the mood. Dead. Whatever merits it has or hasn’t got, it just hasn’t earned its place in that kind of celebratory medley.
"When the Rain Comes" wasn't needed. This was about their impact and influence over the last 25 years.

Having said that, I do think it was shady AF of the MOBOs to physically erase Heidi from the music videos. That's a lot of effort. Like it or not (and I'm no Heidi fan), she, Amelle & Jade each contributed to the Sugababes brand over the last 25 years. Who's to say the group in whatever form or another would have made it this far without either one of them contributing in those certain times of their career? At the very least, I was expecting one of the girls to throw a simple shout out to past members for all their contribution over the last 25 years. Oh well.
Just to point something out, the entire video has the same blur effect, it's not something they put specifically on the album covers. And the same template was probably used in other videos of the night.

I doubt it's anything overly complicated. The award was given to MKS, so they focused on them. It would have been weirder if they had featured all members but then only the three of them had received it.
The girls look and sound incredible and Siobhan is really getting into it now, she's properly allowed herself to be immersed in the band which is beautiful to see. They look and sound so cohesive.

There's something about them just a little bit different to the other girlbands that have come and gone. They still feel relevant and there's an ease about them now that only experience and appreciation for each other can bring. Long reign the Sugababes.
I truly believe that there’s no beef between all the girls and that they have all moved on and made peace. We have already seen the evidence of the current line up paying respect to past members and their legacy countless times (especially towards Heidi). It’s really only a small bunch of people looking way to deep in to things , and desperately trying to invent a dramatic and shady narrative surrounding the girls that no longer exists.

Regarding the medley, it made sense not to add When The Rain Comes. However, they did play the song when they were walking up to the stage so that’s something.
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If it was up to you, what would have been your 3 songs for the medley? I’m curious to know people’s choices.
I’m more partial to Round Round so I’d have switched that with Freak Like Me. I’d have enjoyed Hole In The Head more than Overload, but they’re never going to skip an opportunity to perform their debut song (and they shouldn’t, it’s great). Generally, I can’t criticise the chosen tracks though, they made for a great celebratory performance!
Freak Like Me made huge sense for the MOBOs especially. A cover track that’s had multiple iterations stemming from a black artist, sampling black artists and producers, a culturally significant track that is remembered for their number 1 version alongside the other versions of the track. It was the moment of a fantastic performance for me.
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