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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

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    Sugababes to release new album soon!
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  2. There was a set of these photos for a Polly-Pocket-Tights promotion a few months ago. I don't get how naked women is mean to make young girls buy tights but whatever...
  3. Well... they are wearing tights.
  4. Well, I knew that I was just saying clothes usually seperate the line between advertsing and softcore porn.
  5. I don't get the point of a campaign like this being meant to sell tights either, but i've also never seen the point of Victoria's Secret ads where models are topless and covering their breasts with their hands, or Abercrombie and Fitch ads when the models are completely nude, when they're supposed to be selling bras and clothes, respectively. Either way, I saw these pictures months ago, before the bomb that was "Follow Me Home", so it's not desperation in that sense.
  6. Wasn't it Pretty Polly?

    As much as a foray into underwear is much overdue for Polly Pocket, I don't think it's something the Sugababes would endorse. Ace idea though!
  7. Yea, they're not naked, they're wearing tights.

    But they all look very uncomfortable!
  8. Steve

    Steve Guest

    The version with Mutya looks even more uncomfortable - Heidi refused to go naked, which is probably why they gave her a chair for the Amelle shoot:

  9. Eww Mutya looks really odd on that picture. Her body looks too short for her face!
  10. I wonder if it's the Seanie B remix - this guess based on a very angry man shouting "Yo MoBos, it's the Seanie B Sugababes remix" in the very video you linked.
  11. yeah it is the seani b mix, available on cd2 i believe?
  12. Just checked out Jony Rockster's MySpace, admitedly spying for new Siobhan tracks, and came across this new Sugababes demo 'In Recline'. Sounds quite funky, a little 'Situation's Heavy' i thinks. I quite like it! It's very Keisha dominent though, be warned!
  13. It's alright; gets catchier later into the song. I wouldn't pick this as a single (is this even going on the greatest hits?), but it's fine. Keisha's probably the only main voice on it because she's the only one that went into demo, most likely.

    Did anyone else notice the credit on the side of the player that says "Jonny Rockstar vs. Cathy Dennis"?! Does that mean she's involved?
  14. I like it. Overload meets Situation's Heavy.
  15. Love this song and its quite good for a demo of few out a key notes (Keisha still luv u though). Amelles bits are great though.
    This song has alot of Keisha so what..............Now Your Gone had way more Heidi crapped about the song. I personally believe Amelle deserved more verses on that track (even though I'm not her biggest fan but she has an amazing voice). I glad Amelle has more lines in this than the last song.
  16. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    I was looking for the lyrics to 'In The Middle' on the internet and found these (which when i've listened to the song i cant hear them anywhere):


    my minds on a bender
    bodies feeling tender
    its happened all again, how
    i think we should surrender
    from my house to the states
    everybodies in between
    it's getting on my case
    making me mad
    so i'm looking for the space
    somewhere with another scene
    where we could sleep
    and i could breathe and chill in style.

    What the fuck?! Please help! Is this a demo version?
  17. Those are the lyrics of Heidi's extra verse in the Extended Version.
  18. There's an extended version? What single was it on?
  19. Is the extended version the:

    Gravitas 3am Vocal Mix
    Gravitas 4am Dark Dub
    Hyper Remix
    Ruff & Jam Metaltronik Mix

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