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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. The were many issues regarding the Sugababes ‘brand’ but the girls lacking personality was not one.
  2. And would probably give us another 500 pages of discussion material!
  3. The issue with the brand is that it’s tainted with unpleasantness. Four line up changes in less than ten years is quite something and even though they put out a lot of good music the drama of the line up changes will always take precedence sadly.

    I do think they could turn it around a bit with a tell all series ala Steps however that remains to be seen. I would like to believe there would be interest in their story.
  4. I feel this narrative has been done to death in this thread. The last big blow up (or anything really) from the group was almost ten years ago. If All Saints, who were also known (not entirely of course) for having bust ups, can stage a massive comeback then there is absolutely no reason why it can’t happen for MKS.
  5. I think what holds back MKS are the fact they aren't Sugababes 2.0.

    All Saints were their own 2.0 from the start.
  6. Yeah, I agree that All Saints had the advantage - aside from great material - of coming back with the name they’d always had. Whereas MKS came back with a name people weren’t familiar with.

    But I still don’t think that not having Heidi is not the reason for why it hasn’t worked for them. I have nothing against Heidi (especially not while that Million Different Ways middle 8 exists), but she was not the reason why 2.0 were successful.

    But it’s the reputation of the group that you mentioned and that time has passed now. I really don’t think people are obsessing over it as much as this thread likes to say they are.
  7. All Saints came back from pop music oblivion - and after a failed comeback too (RIP Studio 1). Nobody was checking for them before the Backstreet Boys tour, yet two years of laying the groundwork later, they had a #3 album and a sellout theatre tour. Steps have arguably managed it twice (2011/2012 and 2017).

    I don’t see what would stop the Sugababes - who, while not boasting a generation-defining anthem like “Never Ever” or “Pure Shores”, actually had a larger number of hit singles over a longer period - from achieving a similar level of success. The public will be here for the songs they know and love, and the Sugababes have those in abundance. It wasn’t “Flatline” that shifted tickets for the Sacred Three tour.
  8. I‘d really like to know who that Low girl is actually.
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  9. FOUND IT.

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  10. This is all so random.
    Wich makes it even more intresting to find out about what happend to the song behind the scenes and all the diffrent stages it went trough. Is this Malú still active, wondering when this was, looks like 2003/2004 to me.
  11. Yeah she is a pretty big Spanish artist.
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  12. Those first few seconds are so GIFable.
  13. Heidi wasn't the sole reason for their success, but she definitely played a huge part in it.

    One Touch didn't even make the top 20, and only 1 out of 4 singles made the top 10.
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  14. I think the reason why the 2nd Sugababes album was more successful is because their music became more commercial and radio friendly. I doubt many people even realised Heidi was a new girl in the group..

  15. 'Cause it's about the music, not the face.
  16. Her man irresistible
    Her man know the way to go
    He got he got what she desires
    He got he got her head on fire
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  17. You have all prompted me to find the edit of a Sugababes Wikipedia page I did in 2008 of rumoured unreleased songs.

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  18. Strung Out was such a good song. I'd love a group version of it.
  19. Oh, I wouldn't have thought the unreleased song was the same as on Mutya's album. That is the highlight of her debut so I'm glad she went and recorded it as a solo artist.
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