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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I have a hard time with Mutya...
    I think you're definitely right that she would do it for the right amount...
    But she would hate every second of it and would probably give us a slew of iconic moments in interviews...
    I have a feeling Keisha and Amelle are the least likely to need an incentive to do it...
    If I had to put them in order of most to least likely to go along with it...
  2. Mutya looking and sounding like the goddess she is.

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  3. The comments on the video are AWFUL.
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  4. The song is ok, but it doesn’t go anywhere.

    It is nice to hear Mutya’s voice again. She has some beautiful deep tones , and her voice is missed .

    I wonder why Keisha hasn’t tried putting anything out.
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  5. Ouch I just read the video comments . Some real real harsh comments there
  6. Lots of those comments are report worthy..
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  7. Gosh I hope Mutya won't be seeing those comments, or she's in for another social media meltdown.
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  8. The video is alright i guess, nothing crazy but i dont see anything bad about it. The song is completely not my taste though. The comments are horrible. I wonder how this song got so many so quicly considering its kinda random
  9. *Chris Crocker voice* LEAVE MUTYA ALONE
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  10. Considering the not high profile of the project it feels more like trolling from one person. Gross anyway.
  11. The channel it was uploaded to has over 900,000 subscribers.
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  12. Wow, i never heard of them before
  13. The All Six Sugababes tour will definetly open with Overload.

    It would be a declaration of feminism and how women can learn to become sisters instead of rivals.

    I really do want world peace! *Sandra Bullock voice
  14. At least this video happened

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  15. Wait, what? There's a full song? I only know of the 1 minute acapella.
  16. It’s so strange Keisha hasn’t at least tried to release a solo album. What does she do with all her free time? Yea I know she has real estate etc..
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  17. Speaking of reviewing Atomic Kitten songs, my Atomic Kitten discography/videography rate opened last week so come and rate with us!
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  19. Unrelated to the song, but I LOVE that picture of them. They were the coolest, weren't they?
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  20. How the fuck have I missed this? Seriously, I am flabbergasted.

    It's cute though, the minimalist reggae vibe suits their vocals. Plus a key change, Westlife are shook.
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