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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. The comments on the video are heinous. Vile little reptiles who deserve some serious misery!
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  2. I've made my fair share of jokes about Mutya's fashion choices, but those comments really are depressing...
    And they definitely read like it's one person with several YouTube accounts...
    Can anyone confirm Amelle's whereabouts???
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  3. Well she had all those solo songs so I guess she had planned to at some point. But then the 1.0 reunion happened.

    And she’s also posted clips on social media where she’s been making music and implied that she’s created stuff for other artists.
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  4. I really don't get why someone would bring attention to the awful comments on YouTube.
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  5. kal


    They must be quite miserable to be spouting that kind of vitriol.
  6. Could you please help me on finding Mutya’s performance of Push The Button over Amelle version of backing track
  7. Keisha is pregnant?

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  8. ALLSIXMUMS (Jade is probably on her way)

    MKS delayed to 2019 i guess
  9. kal


    MKS is cancelled.

    I'm happy for Keisha though! May she have a happy and healthy baby.
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  10. Is she not just kidding?
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  11. Isn't she just shady? She hardly looks pregnant in the picture.
    If not, Congratulations!

    @Voodoo beat me.
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  12. She can be joking but whats the point? I'd also imagine her reply to be rather something like "wtf" or other emoji than a simple smiley
  13. I really hope she is not kidding about something as being pregnant..
  14. Mks : Drum

    Who is the one saying “love it when you beat my drum”?
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  15. HRH


    What's worse: people still expecting MKS to happen, or people assuming that a woman having a baby means it's all over?
  16. It sounds like Siobhan.. Doesn't it?
  17. It should have been Siobhan and I wish at least that she sang those parts on a finished released song. After all Keisha got to near the end of the song. I'm not too fond of the song structure It takes too long to get to Siobhan's section, it's more than an outro.
  18. Sounds like no one from mks
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  19. This!
    Congratulations Keisha (if she actually is).
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  20. I'm pretty sure it's Mutya actually.
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