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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. That’s what I thought ? But I’m
    Not sure . Sounds like a random
  2. I definitely say Mutya, maybe there's a vocal effect on her voice but I'm sure it's her.
  3. kal


    It's Siobhan with some kind of filter.
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  4. I’d say Mutya.
  5. Its the 7th Sugababe in spe. She was picked by Keisha as a possible replacement in case Mutya couldnt be bothered anymore or Siobhan spending too much time in the toilet (Keisha obviously aint quitting). Thats why she sounds a bit like both of them.
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  6. I want a new Mutya album, a new Siobhan album and for Keisha to be happy. That is all.
  7. Oh my gosh I pissed myself laughing at this . I’d love a Siobhan new album , but that’s it . I personally prefer the girls as a trio as that harmony blend and writing of songs is magic
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  8. Congrats to Keisha if this is true...
  9. You know there is some serious studio magic trickery going on if we can't decide if it's Mutya or Siobhán!
    To me it sounds like Siobhán but I think they said something about Mutya and "beating that drum" in that Google Hangout video.

    'Where's Heidi? She's hiding." is still killing me.
  10. This. It came up before when Siobhan announced her pregnancy and it’s just so gross.
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  11. Maybe it's the mystery woman in Low!
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  12. MM


    I've always heard the three of them?
  13. It's Siobhan, though Keisha does take that part in the middle of the song.
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  14. I'm so lost. Keisha's pregnant? Was this an IG thing?
  15. It was on IG but I’m thinking it was a joke and there is now a video of her clubbing
  16. I love this thread.
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  17. Wanted to ask this for aaaages.
  18. but let’s be honest the only really good bit of Drum is Siobhan’s outro
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  19. Well not the "only" good part, but definitely the best part from all the leaked songs.
  20. kal


    Love in Stereo is the one, really.
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