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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Really? I thought Amelle was nearly a perfect replacement (vocally). She is a great lead, sound unique and can sing well (obviously). I thought it was Heidi and Jade that didn’t stand out, Jade’s voice is incredible, it just doesn’t stand out in the group.

    But it’s a shame they couldn’t harmonise like MKS could
  2. If I'm being 100% honest, I've always found Heidi to be the blandest voice of all 6... though she's also part of the reason that they managed to get re-signed and continue, so there's sentiment at play too...
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  3. There is definitely a backing track in the chorus. Still, amazing performance vocally.

    Interestingly I've always thought that Siobhan has the blandest tone. Siobhan is clearly the superior singer to Heidi, technically, but Heidi's tone – this weird, fragile sometimes shaky tone – is just so unique to me. I've always thought it sounded like glass, if that makes any sense. I've never heard anyone with a tone like hers.
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  4. Heidi is great as long as she doesn't attempt Siobhan vocals, but I think she does have a distinctive tone (at least in the group). People laugh at her being the middle 8 queen, but they were sometimes the best part of the song (see Stronger or Ugly).
  5. Taller being one of their weaker albums really shouldn't be a controversial opinion...
    It's extremely incohesive and disjointed as a whole, despite having some individual incredible moments...
    I definitely prefer it to Sweet 7 and Change but it's easily one of their weakest outings...
  6. Does middle 8 queen come with a stigma? It's the best part of 80% of songs.
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  7. Well Heidi didn't always manage to deliver during live performances (though she got much more consistent as time progressed)...
    There's a particular performance of Stronger that we like to point to as an example of Heidi failing to demonstrate her queenliness...
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  8. I’m new.. and a much loved fan of the ladies in all formats, for different reasons of course. 4.0 less so than all other line ups.

    What’s the general consensus on situations heavy? If found this being repeated on way to work and wonder if anyone else is feeling the love for this?
  9. It's absolutely one of my favourites of theirs, and it's on my favourite album by them.
  10. It’s perfection.

    On another note, Love Actually is 15 years old this year! Too lost in you should have been Christmas number 1 15 years ago...
  11. Situation's Heavy really is incredible...
    Three really is an incredible album...
    I was thinking recently that Three really is the perfect title for the album, as it kind of feels like three different albums fused together...
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  12. And three members, and 2003
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  13. Third number 1 single also.
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  14. And charted at #3!
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  15. Oh yes, those middle those of Hedi, were just everything.
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  16. Denial’s is my favourite Heidi middle 8.
  17. And when she got a lead verse they just went and got their biggest global hit. Whew talent!
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  18. I’m confused, was she scared because the girls were capable songwriters, or just scared of the girls themselves?
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  19. Exactly & in fairness, there wasn’t much Siobhan material Heidi sung on.. couple of songs and the rest archived.
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  20. They only really performed Overload and Run For Cover, Heidi didn't cover Siobhan's Overload solos and there was no Siobhan solo in Run For Cover.
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