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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I feel like I've seen a lot of intense hatred for Twisted in the past...
    It's not my favorite track on Three, but I also don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be???
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  2. I dont hate Twisted but it sounds like a b-side. I dont get how did they choose Twisted over stuff like Disturbed, Colder In The Rain and Someone In My Bed
  3. Twisted was a bonus track to be fair. Also, as good as Someone In My Bed is, it is just In The Middle 2.0
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  4. This hurt to read...
    But it hurt even more to realize this is true because its production would sound just as out of place on Three as In the Middle...
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  5. I wouldnt say In the Middle sounds completely out of place on Three. It goes along well with Whatever Makes You Happy and other dance-y tracks like Nasty Ghetto or Million Different Ways, maybe even Buster to an extension
  6. I love finally being able to follow a discussion about an album in this thread, because I've listened to it.

    My review for "Three" will be posted in a few days.
  7. I hated it on arrival but I quite enjoy it now.
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  8. THIS! I think the same.
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  9. Disturbed... ahh. That’s a b-side if ever there was one.
  10. Three is just the ultimate Sugababes album for me. It just oozes their essence.

    Only Three and One Touch do I occasionally listen to in full, start to finish and really enjoy.
  11. I remember at the time being incredibly disappointed with Three! Following up from Angels and with the lead, Hole in the Head I was expecting more. However, apart from a couple of tracks it didn’t grab me.

    Now, years later and revisiting this album, it really was a solid album. The growth was incredible, especially with each of their solo tracks! For me the stand out track is A Million Different Ways! This should have had single treatment, pure class through and through!
  12. Situations Heavy, Conversations Over and Nasty Ghetto are my three favourites from Three.

    Closely followed by Too Lost in You. Least favourite - Hole in the Head
  13. It’s so strange seeing you all discuss Twisted and Buster as part of the album, as they weren’t on the European edition. Back then it wasn’t even a case of having the option of buying them on a deluxe edition or not: they were only available on the regular edition in the UK and that’s it. I think I didn’t even learn about them until later and actually found a proper file of Buster online only yesterday (there’s a lot of fake Buster files around which are actually Nasty Ghetto.) Love it!

    The UK only bonus track editions was such a strange phase on Universal Music, luckily it lasted for a fairly short period. At least Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Shoot From The Hip was one of them, Making Music, I Won’t Dance Without You and the hidden track Physical were not given to us in Europe. I must say Making Music is the strangest example of all of these bonus tracks / omissions, being the opening track of the UK edition, which I’d consider the main version. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a bonus track as first track on any album! Only as hidden tracks like Kylie’s Password and Robyn’s Det Gör Ont Ibland on My Truth, and they don’t count.

    Sugababes also had UK bonuses on Angels With Dirty Faces (Just Don’t Like This, No Man No Cry) and even Taller, I think Better was UK only? As for 3 Spoons Of Suga on Change. Oh and wasn’t She’s Like A Star included on the UK Catfights? Such discrimination against Non-UK’ers! Besides you’d think the bonus tracks would’ve been a much more profitable marketing trick outside of UK, as their success was considerably smaller elsewhere? I totally don’t get what they were thinking.
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  14. I’m no business expert but they sold more in the UK so could afford the extra tracks - solidifying the main fan base and encouraging buying the UK version as an export so double-buying in some cases?

    I used to buy on CDWOW so got the European version so ended up buying two versions of Angels.
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  15. I recall a performance of Run for Cover at a Pepsi live thing and Keisha sounded amazing? It was 3.0... anyone seen this recently? It was on YouTube a few years back.

    I’ve hunted high and low for this.
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  16. Million Different Ways should have been the third single.
  17. Funny story: I was very ignorant about album releases and since I am in Italy, I was going through every store to find the "deluxe" edition of Three & Angels With Dirty Faces, only to find out years later that they were available in the UK only :') Good old memories.
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  18. 5:15?
  19. Albums are/were more expensive in the UK, so they had UK exclusive tracks to prevent imports from the mainland. That's why Japanese editions always have bonus tracks too. Unfortunately, rather than add actual bonus tracks to the UK edition, for UK artists Universal tended to just cut a couple of tracks from the album for the EU release. That's why the "bonus tracks" are spread throughout the tracklist, not tacked on at the end like you'd see with UK editions of international artists.
  20. Yes! Thank u so much.
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