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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. This is the one moment where Keisha really blows Jade out of the water...
    Nobody can sing like Keisha, don't get me wrong, but Jade's voice is better suited to Sweet 7's style...
    I would imagine that the 3.0 version of No More You is also much more impressive than the 4.0 version...
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  2. No shade but I never thought Heidi would have sang the middle 8 of No Can Do this well

  3. She sounds great! I’m assuming Amelle had a sore throat or something.
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  4. The middle 8 queen strikes again.
  5. How come anyone even question her middle 8 abilities!!!
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  6. HRH


    It is.
  7. Lets not shade the 4.0 version of No More You now it is flawless.

    And I say that as a dedicated 3.0 fan.
  8. Do (not) forget this horror
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  10. The peak of British Pop.
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  11. Not that vocal.
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  12. I had to replay this to be sure if it's real. I love Heidi's bridges in their songs, but what the hell is this?

    Edit: Just remembered why it seemed so familiar to me!!! Seen this probably years ago, a long time before I found out who Sugababes are:

    So funny that I repeated it about 10 times now.
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  13. The future of Brexit:

    Also RIP Martyn thank you for still making us laugh, wherever you are.
  14. The concidence of me remembering the video and editing the post at the same time you posted this.
    I'm a bit mind blown.
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  15. Just saw! Wow! The power of the Range.
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  16. I know that Heidi was never the most consistent vocalist in the group (that award goes to Mutya) but when she was on point she truly was incredible...
    I wouldn't have expected her to do the No Can Do Middle 8 justice but I actually think her live vocals in that vid are more impressive than Amelle's studio edit...
  17. I fucking love Wait For You. I think the production is slightly dated in parts but the chorus melody is great.
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  18. I actually have dreams of seeing Wait for You being used for a really dramatic routine on Dancing on Ice.

    I agree that the production is very much of its time but, nearly 10 years since it first leaked, it stands head and shoulders above many of today’s chart offerings! (And it is infinitely better than the Bruno Mars/Claude demo!)

    It’s a travesty that this was never performed live. Keisha’s version actually gives me chills.
  19. I haven’t heard this before. Sweet Mother of Mercy. 4.0’s version blows this outta the water and then some! As does 3.0’s acoustic live!

    Incarnation preferences aside, all 6 Sugababes are a class act when it comes to it.
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  20. I'm waiting.......
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