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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I love Mutya so fucking much.
  2. But what if it does mean something
  3. Mutya's cheek stud is so iconic.
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  4. Also, props to Stefanie for still doing such well informed interviews.
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  5. Re the twitter thing, I swear Keisha is messing with us. She knows that Mutya interview gave us far too much hope.
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  6. Kesha found an old 'Twitter for dummies' guide from 2008 and it said 'you look really cool if you follow nobody'.
  7. I think Mutya came across really well in that interview- she seems lovely and I also really appreciated the interviewer being so enthusiastic and complementary - I so want an album from MKS now- but want them to reclaim the name to be honest as it would really bring them full circle- also love me hard is one of their best in my opinion
  8. Too Lost In You is one of their worst for me.
    Stronger, Red Dress, Soul Sound, Arun For Cover, Shape and Follow Me Home are miles better.
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  9. Too Lost In You was one of the best pop records of the noughties. Fight me.
  10. 2020 is just too far . Another whole year ahhhh
  11. You mean the fourth wall, sis?
  12. Ahem... yes....
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  13. Imagine putting these lies out into a place where people are going to have to read them.
  14. I went on my old laptop to dig out some treasures that aren’t on Spotify, and in the process put the Sweet 7 sampler (with Keisha’s vocals) on my phone. Now, no shade to Jade, but Keisha owned those songs. Her smooth tone really worked wonders with some very crappy and basic material.
  15. Me with all your posts.
  17. When people say they don't listen to Girls Aloud but would rather listen to the Sugababes ddd.

    They're not wrong.
  18. I mean dd the Sugababes have always been terrific singers, no matter 1.0-4.0. Complete talent.


    I love them both, but yeah.
  19. What are you implying?
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