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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I find Taller in More Ways all over the place sonically and it was the start of "slow the track down, give Heidi the slow middle 8 section." which always bugged me. It happens a bit in Three too but I just seemed to notice it more on Taller. For me, it's a good album with some fantastic highs but also some really basic lows.
  2. Taller in More Ways
    Catfights and Spotlights
    Angels with Dirty Faces
    Sweet 7
    One Touch
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  3. Thanks for 'warning' me, because I mostly love her bridges/middle 8's. It still bugs me how Keisha sings the middle 8 on Heidi's solo track "Sometimes" - it just doesn't feel right.
  4. Keisha’s Middle 8 and Mutya’s Adlibs are the best thing about Sometimes. LETS BE REAL NOW.
  5. I never got the militant adoration for Too Lost in You...
    Easily the least memorable pre-3.0 ballad
    The musical structure always felt very natural pre-Taller...
    Taller in More Ways, despite its incredible high moments (Follow Me Home and 2 Hearts), is the point at which things started to feel a bit formulaic...
    This is particularly true on Red Dress, where Heidi's part basically kills the song's entire momentum...
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  6. Round Round says hi.
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  7. I don't remember Mutya having adlibs, clearly it's been too long since I listened to that song.
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  8. "Round Round" definitely has the best Heidi middle 8 that I've heard so far.
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  9. I always loved Sometimes.
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  10. Sometimes is so schmaltzy but I love it.
  11. It’s cute. That’s about it. I will forever love Heidi.
  12. Denial remains Heidi’s standout middle 8 for me.
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  13. Million Different Ways

    There is no other correct answer.
  14. That and Never Gonna Dance Again.
  15. The Never Gonna Dance Again middle 8 is truly special - particularly the little break with the acoustic guitar and the handclap and then BOOM final chorus. What a moment.
  16. Change (the album) is epic TBH...
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  17. It's a very strong pop record particularly the first half which is literally pop perfection.

    Never Gonna Dance Again or My Love is Pink should've been the 4th single but like Tangled Up from the same era a 4th cut didn't materialise.
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  18. Are we REALLY omitting Ace Reject when discussing Heidi's best middle 8s?? SERIOUSLY???

    (Don't mean to sound so harsh but, yes I guess)

    is one of my favorite Amelle moments.
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  20. Denial is an absolute masterpiece. Its classic Sugababes. VV Brown wrote it so no wonder. The video is beautiful as well.
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