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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. It's a very strong pop record particularly the first half which is literally pop perfection.

    Never Gonna Dance Again or My Love is Pink should've been the 4th single but like Tangled Up from the same era a 4th cut didn't materialise.
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  2. Are we REALLY omitting Ace Reject when discussing Heidi's best middle 8s?? SERIOUSLY???

    (Don't mean to sound so harsh but, yes I guess)

    is one of my favorite Amelle moments.
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  4. Denial is an absolute masterpiece. Its classic Sugababes. VV Brown wrote it so no wonder. The video is beautiful as well.
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  5. Random but I watched an 'Overload' performance yesterday by Keisha, Amelle and Heidi and I didn't hate it. Heidi sang it really well.
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  6. Oh here's the tea.gif
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  7. I really enjoy finding performances where the replacement 'Babes (and MKS) are singing tracks live that they didn't originally sing on...
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  8. Amelle basically sings the same as Mutya doesn't she?
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  9. What do you mean by that ?
  10. Very similar tone and vocal ability. They couldn't have chosen a singer who resembles Mutya's vocal more if they tried. I wonder if it was intentionally or simply coincidence.
  11. No.
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  12. kal


    They have somewhat similar deep voices but overall their singing styles are completely different. I think it does a disservice to both of them to say they’re basically the same.
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  13. Yeah, which come to light very strongly when Amelle started getting her own Sugababe tracks as opposed to re-recording Mutya's lines.
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  14. I suppose I'm saying that, when Siobhan left and Heidi joined, Heidi was a very different vocalist, very different tone/sound etc.

    When Mutya left and Amelle joined, they really are quite similar in their vocal style. I much prefer Mutya as a vocalist.

    I just wondered if the label heard Amelle's voice and felt like having her in the group as a replacement would seem less disorientating as her voice had similar qualities to Mutya's. Rather than bringing in another vocalist like Heidi for example. Maybe they felt that the casual listener, hearing the songs on the radio, wouldn't even realise it wasn't Mutya on the track?

    I don't know, I just wondered if it was a factor. Perhaps not.
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  15. When Amelle joined they had 4 albums and a bunch of hits so they needed a singer that could sing Mutya's parts in a lower register. Heidi didn't have that problem when she joined.
  16. Absolutely. I went the MKS Sacred Three Tour, and whilst I loved hearing Siobhan singing on some of the biggest Sugababes hits, around half of them really didn't showcase her voice at all. They were too easy for her and didn't allow her to voice to soar or flourish.

    I only remember Too Lost In You as being a completely successful vocal.
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  17. At Scala she did a fantastic job at taking the bridge on Stronger and making it her own. She got a rapturous applause.
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  18. Oh, yes! Wish I had a recording!
  19. Yes, it was a 'moment' wasn't it.

  20. It was a moment for the 1.0 Stans.

    Personally I just welcomed them singing their new music. I don’t feel that it was necessary to sing stronger. I do think it was done on purpose...
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