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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. A little specific, but the original About A Girl with Keisha is such a biblical experience.
  2. Jade being forced to lip sync to Keisha’s version of About A Girl to film the music video will never not be funny.

    Also I just realised the version of Get Sexy in my iTunes had Jade’s leads vocals, but all of Keisha’s background vocals and ad-libs. How any producer involved with Sweet 7 ever worked again I’ll never know.
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  3. Get Sexy is still a bop though. It's so terrible in every way that I can't help but be in awe of it, especially when intoxicated. The iconic knee bending dancing in the video is an underrated highlight of modern music videos. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  4. Jade’s ‘now nows’ in Get Sexy - DO NOT USE were actually physically painful to listen to.
  5. i concur that Keisha’s version was and is a bop, though
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  6. What a time to be alive!
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  7. I'm very sad that the 'DO NOT USE' on Keisha's Get Sexy has been removed.
    I'm wasn't convinced they were her for the longest time.
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  8. Why has this thread made me to listen to ‘Get Sexy’ after 84 years
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  9. I think that is the 'Now That's What I Call Music 74' version. A hybrid of the two rushed out to make the album deadline. It's one of the few cases where a Now volume includes a version of a song that was never actually in the chart. Another great achievement for 4.0!

    EDIT: Now 74! Christ. 28 Now volumes have been released since Keisha left Sugababes.
  10. Also, this is still such a little summery plastic bop of the 3.0 era.
  11. I've always preferred the Jade version.
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  12. Heidi’s AK demos have surfaced once more!
    Last Girl Standing. You go girl.

  13. Girl should have always stuck with Atomic Kitten . She is the blonde hair, smile , kitten pop look , and tone for it .
  14. She sounded great on those songs but her destiny was to save the dropped Sugababes and take them to the next level which she most certainly did.
  15. I doubt Heidi's at home thinking "God I should've stuck with Atomic Kitten."
  16. Heidi escaping one of the worst girl groups in history to join a then soon-to-be top3 best girl group in history is lowkey iconic.
  17. Heidi was in The Saturdays??
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  18. Stay back Satan. The Sats had zero originality but the songs were usually there. Not at Suga level of course.
  19. Arguing over what girl group she should/shouldn’t be in is futile at this point. Reminder to all, it’s 2019 and both are defunct.

    What is interesting is the difference in her vocal stylings for both bands. Hardly recognisable in those demos.
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  20. Sis, we all know I stan The Saturdays. It was a joke on the fact that someone called Atomic Kitten 'the worst girlband' when that's obviously not true.
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