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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Superbabes reference
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  2. Just listened to the entirety of Catfights on my train journey yes really
    Girls - #1 AIRPLAY HIT!!1! gave me life, bops aplenty and the ballads are just stunning.
    Such a popinjustice.
    (Hanging on a Star remains terrible, Sound of Goodbye remains the one).
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  3. Fucking hell, just give Keisha the name already.
  4. That would sound bloody awful though, so what would be the point? Siobhan and Jade singing on the same stage is like having gold stood next to plastic. It's a very tacky move and I for one wouldn't go see that. I don't think Siobhan or Keisha would do it, the other four, yes, probably.
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  5. That's another story, what we're discussing is if a reform is possible.
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  6. The only likely line up we're getting is 1.0.

    Unless you live in far Eastern Europe then you're probably getting 4.0 when Amelle books that tour.

    I just can't see them randomly reforming as 2.0 when 1.0 insists they're still together.
  7. kal


    I’m not going to that tour. xx
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  8. They should just rotate members. You get K or J, M or A and S or H. Constant world tour perfect for no one.
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  9. How ICONIC it would be if all Sugababes members just joined forces together to create a massive arena tour where each lineup could perform. 4.0 could battle 1.0 in Walk This Way, etc
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  10. Complete with a full half hour Siobahn solo set so that she can finally have the time to shine as the iconic indie pop goddess she truly is.
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  11. I’ve pictured a “comeback” concert, marketed just as “Sugababes”. It’d essentially be a mystery. It opens with a Get Sexy, About A Girl, Wear My Kiss and Freedom set by 4.0. Then Girls starts, 4.0 does the first verse and chorus, then MKS hijack the song. (They don’t ever sing as a six, save that for later). Then an MKS set. Then the six of them do all the big songs.

    I think I like the idea of having the “other” three come in unexpected and hijack the performance from whichever group is doing a concert. A surprise reunion would be so entertaining, especially for the audience.

    (This is a one off, they don’t have to become a supergroup (not that I’m not here for that either))
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  12. The supergroup thing would be completely delicious. All of that gorgeous catalogue and all the girls just having fun.. it would be a delight to watch. I would kill for it to happen.
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  13. It would also be slap in the face for all those people through the years that made fun of the lineup changes, etc. And it will also send a strong women empowerment message. Not to mention the catalogue is freaking delicious!
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  14. My favourite line-up is and always will be 2.0 and although it won’t and basically can’t happen I’ve secretly dreamed about them reuniting in some capacity. But after reading some of your ideas it seems my dream was quite sober...
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  15. An all six reunion would be a terrible thing.
    At least I ... think it would be.
  16. Poor Keisha would be knackered and Jade would be only there for a bit. Would they pay money based on time in the band though?
  17. Y'all really don't want the group to rest in peace uh.
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  18. I think a one time thing (like a charity single) would be cool and necessary as it would finally put some nails in several coffins at once. Long term thing or more than one single would be too much. Documentary would be too much aswell.
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  19. Conceptually, it’d just be a fun reunion concert. Doesn’t have to be permanent. I love the idea of 4.0 reforming as well. They can do their own thing, crossover for some tracks maybe. And just Tour together. That way, we get the best of both worlds. The supergroup touring and the MKS/4.0 Music separately. (With crossovers). I can dream
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  20. Even like a meeting, just so that every article can stop mentioning the “catfights”. I can’t believe it’s still going on. Make it stop once and for all please kweens
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