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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I can’t think of a good reason that we wouldn’t want more music, they’re pretty consistently good (at least they tried something new with Sweet 7, even if it was trend hopping and bad). They’ve all had new life experiences since 2011, and I think they’ve got more to say than they used to. New material would probably be more interesting than the old. Also, the MKS demos go off
  2. I agree but going from "waiting a decade for the MKS album" to "whew a tour with the six of them together" is just pure fanfiction. I miss them but I'm being rational. Hopefully I will be proven wrong in 10 years' time.
  3. Just give MKS the Sugababes name back, let them release amazing albums every couple of years and tour each album like All Saints, and let the 6 girl reunion supergroup idea die.
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  4. kal


  5. I think it’d be super interesting just to have one professional picture together.
  6. Completely agree . What a joke that would be . If it were to happen I would only want to see Mutya , Keisha, Siobhan, and Heidi on stage.

    Who knows what’s happening with the girls. I’m starting to accept it’s just not going to happen .

    So I’m
    Glad we got the album leaks to contain us (knowing what the album would have sounded like).
  7. Um Amelle more than earned her right to be there aswell. Active Sugababe for the entire second half of their run and featured on many hit singles including their second biggest spotify hit.
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  8. [​IMG]
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    The reason an all six supergroup wouldn’t work is because this brand was built on stubbornly refusing to die and ploughing ahead as if the past didn’t exist. There is no reunion to be had because the band never split up, it papered over departures until it was a group of three professional singers who had no real ties to each other, just the common fact of being someone else’s replacement. Other than stans on the internet pondering the messy fantasy of the originals staring down their replacements and reenacting the Walk This Way battle of the bands, no one has any attachment to the six women who performed in the four iterations of the same band.

    Sugababes are continually paid dust despite being a staple of ‘00s pop culture because of the way the band cannibalised itself, so they’re not going to be suddenly revered and be revived by popular nostalgic demand like Girls Aloud were for their Ten tour, I do believe that the way MKS tried to come back was and is the only way any version of the group would be able to - come back with new music, do classics that featured 2/3rds or all of the three singers present and be humble about what they can expect to achieve from touring, gigging and appearing places. I don’t see Heidi, Amelle or Jade would be willing to put that kind of effort in because they never had to do that to begin with, that kind of commitment requires passion.
  10. Amen sisters! when you put it like that its incredible what All Saints did for their last two albums. I'd love to see MKS going a similar route. Recording indepently and then going on tour with no delays or cancelations.

    On another note, today I listened to 'Open the door' while spotify was on shuffle and I live for Keishas vocals, she truly is amazing singer, her tone is something special, I love Mutya but Keisha's vocals for me are the Sugababes. I'm glad we got so much music from her.
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  11. I actually am liking 3 Spoons Of Suga at the moment. Who would have thought.

    I think it’s the way Keisha pronounces ‘therapy’... THARAPY!
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  12. I wonder what Keisha’s debut demos sounded like. Surely there was a reason that they haven’t been released. I would have thought that, if anyone, Keisha would’ve had the most success going solo. I’m also surprised Jade didn’t go all out on a solo record after they split, Amelle said she was just getting into it
  13. What if they shared the name?

    Sugababes MKS


    Sugababes HAJ

    I don’t mind it!
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  14. I just can’t deal
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  15. Keisha had quite a bit of buzz around her solo stuff at the time, I remember she was featured on Perez at one point with one of the leaks Under Control which has over 200k views now, And had a few positive write ups, and that live gig she did with James Morrison, and her other gig showcasing a few songs.

    Never understood why she never put the album out. Just nothing after all these years. It would have been a killer album Beautiful Mess and Fearless are AMAZING!
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  16. I got the impression that Island Records didn’t really know what to do with Keisha, meanwhile the idea of reuniting with Mutya and Siobhan was starting to gain traction around the same time which probably swayed her interest.
  17. I personally believe Keisha didn’t have a record deal ever. I believe maybe a one off song, but it all fell through . Then MKS happened (thank the lord).
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  18. These are the real questions we need answers too, just release a tell-all already!
  19. The record company offered her a solo deal when they let her go from the Sugababes as far as I’m aware.
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  20. That sounds like a K Pop boy band thing to do: a Korean language sub-unit and a Mandarin language sub-unit...
    I really can't see Heidi or Jade getting onboard with a reunion...
    Heidi more than anyone really seems to have moved on and Jade has been a little more candid in recent years about not having pleasant memories of 4.0 (also she actually has a career)...
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