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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. The last few pages has been pure fan-fiction. Netflix documentaries, reunions, charity singles.

    None of it is going to happen, no matter how great a handful of forum members think it might be.

    At the current rate, we should count ourselves lucky if MKS get to put anything else out.

    Keisha was shopping one around in 2010 but it never went anywhere, surprisingly.
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  2. Why I can’t find Keisha’s solo showcase videos anywhere anymore? I really liked “Carried Away”
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  3. Someone’s removed them, there’s just a snippet of Beautiful Mess.
  4. What are your favorite Sugababe besides ?
  5. Can’t Take It No More, Disturbed, Someone In My Bed, Colder In The Rain, Favorite Song.
  6. Colder in the rain
    Don’t wanna wait
    Entertainment (while not one but i always saw this as a Bside to flatline)
  7. So many!

    One Touch: Little Lady Love, Sugababes On The Run, Forever
    Angels: Killer
    Three: I love all of them equally, favouring either Disturbed or Colder In The Rain would not be fair to the rest
    Taller: Like The Weather, Come Together (what a sublime cover!) and Favourite Song (on a good day only)
    Taller era with Amelle and Overloaded: I really enjoy the cover version of Living For The Weekend they did for Radio 1 as well as Shake It. It's such a fun, groovy song!
    Change: In Recline and I Can't Take It No More. Funnily enough I much more prefer the demo version of In Recline which was available on Johnny Rockstar's My Space profile way back in 2006. It sounds a lot edgier and 'in your face' than the final product released on About You Now. The song ended up being too polished to my ears.
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  8. Oh, I forgot about their version of Primal Scream's Rocks! Another amazing cover, so full of attitude!
  9. In Recline is a great B-side.

    Also Heidi shines on Betcha By Golly Wow.
  10. Betcha By Golly Wow is on the level that Sometimes should've been/tried to be. The definitive "Heidi solo" track.
  11. Don't Wanna Wait...
    Breathe Easy...
    Someone in My Bed...
    Future Shokk!...
    In Recline...
    Don't Look Back...
  12. My absolutely favourite is definitely Disturbed.
    Then Like The Weather, Someone In My Bed, In Recline. Forever is very sweet too.
    Gosh, I could write down another five without hesitating.
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  13. Who and Like The Weather are my fave Suga b-sides for sure.
  14. Disturbed, Colder In The Rain and Like The Weather are the b-sides...
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  15. “Who” is way too underrated, literally the best b-side in existence
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  16. Yes!
    The only best Heidi ad libs ever.
  17. Who, Colder in the Rain, Down Down & Someone In My Bed are the best. All from the same era, not a coincidence!
  18. All Three's besides are awesome. Colder in the rain and Disturbed are wow.
    Like the weather is a bop also.
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  19. The "Three" album discussion is hilarious because Keisha and Mutya are basically like "we're so talented!"

    Colder in the Rain is the best. Down Down is the banger.
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  20. Self aware Queens.
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