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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I was just listening to the Live from London EP, I was wondering where Mutya was and then I realised that it was recorded after she left. Is this the only concert that the Sugababes performed as a duo?
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  2. Also, the single version of Easy on iTunes is different to the album version. There is no indication that they’re separate anywhere online (that I’ve found). Did you guys know about this? The “single version” is so much more relaxed

    Ah, I think it’s the “Brio Alternative Version”, had no idea this existed. Anyone know why this wasn’t in Complete B’s?
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  3. These are my favourites too!!

    I do enjoy a bit of Teardrops too!! I know it’s not an actual bside but it’s a fab bop!

  4. Mutya is on BBC 1Xtra tonight!
  5. Can someone give us a run down how it goes ?

    Hoping for MKS updates , but know it won’t happen . Probably say “still together”, “soon”, and ‘we delayed as our album leaked”.
  6. I doubt MKS were even mentioned.
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  7. I...think this is counter-productive.
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  8. Filler.
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  9. You... skip a lot.
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  10. Just Let It Go and No Man No Cry are the only skippable songs in their discography. Sweet 7 is trash, but we all need trash sometimes.
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  11. Please exit down the hall. Siobhán will see you to the window.
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  12. "Just Let It Go" is one of their very best. Such a gorgeous song, probably my favorite track on "One Touch".
  13. Fun fact: I used to always skip Back When because the "doo dah doo" intro used to irritate me so much. I don't know why.
  14. We get it, you stan Siobhan.
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  15. I was the same for Back Down.

    “AH LIKE MAH MAN RUAAAOUGH” - thank u, next
  16. I don’t mind the song , but also agree that part can be annoying.
  17. The 1 Xtra interview was short, but mostly about the Sugababes/MKS.

    Confirmation that they are still together and have been in the studio together.

    She stuck with the story that they didn’t realise their album because it was leaked.

    The have a surprised planned for this year.
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  18. She’s been using the same script in every interview lately. I don’t think anyone will get excited till something official by all 3 members . People been burnt with “soon” stories , so I would imagine everyone is playing it safe to avoid disappointment.

    The only good thing about the interview is how happy she sounds , as well as Saying they are “super close”. Glad their friendship is solid :)
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  19. Ready for “this year” to become the new “soon”.
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