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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Ha ha brilliant. Time to upgrade the word
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  2. Just Let It Go is sublime. Siobhan’s bridge is one of the best moments on One Touch.
  3. I did this!!! Same for Tangled Up's Damn "and if you tell me what the" NEXT.
  4. Just Let It Go slander?

  5. I’d be probably skipping ‘Mended By You’ and ‘Sweet & Amazing’ (just writing the title hurts). Not into this empty calories sugary stuff.
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  6. Twisted, Same Old Story, Open The Door and Bruised can’t stand them.
  7. WHATTTTT???

    I liked Mended By You anyway but it means more now, I've felt it in real life ddd.
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  8. ‘We have a surprise coming soon
    I’m intrigued even though I know it really means nothing.
  9. Keisha announces a baby.
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  10. Surprise coming in 2-12 weeks.
  11. "We have some big news coming soon, but to say thank you for being so patient, here's a Flatline acoustic mp3 download"
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  12. The surprise is Sugababes ribbons and cupboard boxes brought to you by Mutya
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  13. kal


    I see she’s still perpetuating the lie that the album didn’t get released because “someone leaked it” - sure sis...
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  14. Me too!!!! I would always confuse it with the allstars’ song years later but theyre entirely two different songs (equally cheesy).
  15. What? I count those two as highlights from their albums, and both are one of my favorite songs by Sugababes so far.

    Which reminds me, my review for "Taller in More Ways", counting the 2006 songs with Amelle, will be posted in a few days. Afterwards, I'll be listening to "Change".
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  16. I can't make it through No Man No Cry, Now You're Gone, Back When, Mended by You, Open the Door, Undignified, and nearly all of Sweet 7...
  17. They’re now up to 2.45m monthly listens on Spotify.
  18. Impressive.

    Push the Button and About You Now are such monster hits for the girls. I love how their two biggest hits from back in the day retained that strength in the streaming era. The two best line ups.
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  19. Sigh why? Here we go......

    Y’all please don’t bite...
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  20. Hearing Mutya sing has made me miss her voice. I wish she had released more solo music. She obviously sounds sublime with the others but it’s a shame that she’s hasn’t been a bigger force in the British music scene because... she deserves it.
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