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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. These “skippable songs” posts are the reason Popjustice needs a dislike button
  2. If it’s a new one, I’d take that though ...
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  3. I hear both of these on the radio literally every day.
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  4. Mutya is looking stunning here!
  5. Same Old Story, Just Let It Go, Real Thing, More Than A Million Miles, No Man No Cry, Twisted, Switch, It Aint Easy, Hanging On A Star, Little Miss Perfect, Miss Everything, Give It To Me Now. All skipable album tracks
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  6. kal


    A lot of skippable posts here.
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  7. I won’t hear anything negative about More Than A Million Miles. Brilliant track!
  8. I actually quite like the 'oh we scrapped it because it got leaked' story.
    It certainly comes across better to the GP than 'oh the single was a massive flop so we couldn't release it'.

    I love Change but something about Back When & Surprise rubs me the wrong way.
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  9. They must be super super confident that they will win the name back to say they will be back. I just wonder if there is even a plan B if they don’t win the name back? Would that that’s it? I can’t imagine the legal fees would be cheap , and esp after all these years .
  10. Nothing skippable on the debut.
  11. Same Old Story, Just Let It Go, and Real Thing are great!

    I like Million Miles, Switch, and Hanging but yeah I can understand why they're skippable.
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  12. Hanging on a Star is an abomination. The first thing they ever put their name to that truly horrified me.

    Sadly not the last.
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  13. Really? I thought Side Chick was the only dud on the album. Hanging On A Star is a bop, just feels like a fun little song. Nothing particularly special, but not painful either. (Edit: I lie. She’s Like A Star is on the bonus track version, and that’s trash)

    And regarding Sweet 7, I think that Little Miss Perfect, She’s A Mess and Miss Everything (should be a solo Sean Kingston song) are the only abominations.

    Get Sexy, About A Girl, Wear My Kiss, Give It To Me Now (the flow specifically here is nice) and Sweet & Amazing has potential. The lyrical content is the main issue here, some lines are just bad. In most cases, the concept, production and general arrangement are perfectly fine. There was definitely potential in this project (it would still probably be the worst album, but it could have been pretty decent)

    Wait For You, Thank You For The Heartbreak, No More You and Crash & Burn are all really nice. I think the production of Wait could be cleaner, but they’re all good songs. 4.0 shouldn’t be blamed for Sweet 7, it’s 3.0’s fault. Crash & Burn and Freedom are great
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  14. I actually love Side Chick haha. To be honest I dislike the majority of their last 3 albums. There are some great pop songs but after Mutya left I think they lost their edge, and that was the essence of the Sugababes to me.
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  15. They definitely lost their edge, and their album track quality decreased a little. But the singles were great (again, the Sweet 7 singles were bops, but they needed some work and lyrical alterations). Change and Catfights are both different from previous albums (even Overloaded and the Taller rerelease), but I think that’s a great thing. What makes the Sugababes more engaging than, Girls Aloud for example, is that each line up had a different flavour. For me, 1.0 had great harmonies, 2.0 had edge, 3.0 was sweeter (much more Pop, which I can’t say I’m against. Catfights was leaning more retro), 4.0 didn’t have their time in the sun unfortunately. They only fell down when the hopped on the trends (starting with She’s Like A Star). I was late to the party, so edge isn’t “The Sugababes” for me. Edge is “2.0”. I’m a fan of the variation

    I didn’t like the chorus of Side Chick. Not sure why, it’s not exactly repetitive. I just don’t think it went anywhere exciting for me. The pre-chorus is beautiful, the chorus just doesn’t feel like it takes the verses any further
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  16. So, does anyone actually blame 4.0 for Sweet 7?

    That seems to be the universally accepted truth, but 3.0 made the vast majority of the tracks. Crash & Burn is the only 4.0 track, and that’s one of the best on the album.
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  17. No I think it would have been pretty similar whatever the line-up. I have to admit I think it's one of the worst albums I've ever heard, but it wasn't the girls' fault. The label was obviously just pushing for hits, and it worked to an extent. About a Girl and Wear My Kiss would have been good little bops if released by the likes of Atomic Kitten, but they just felt wrong as Sugababes songs to me.
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  18. What about Crash & Burn and Freedom?
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  19. Crash and Burn and No More You were the best on the album, in my opinion. I was also a big fan of Freedom at the time and was excited to see what 4.0 came up with, but alas we never got to find out.
  20. I have strong bet that if Sweet 7 had been released with Keisha, some would've been a lot quicker to find excuses/reasoning pretend the album wasn't...what it is.
    Hot take: There's a good album deep, deep down somewhere in Sweet 7. 80% of why it's so shit is the tinny production/mastering; if that was improved, it could've been one of the basic bops of the early 2010s albums instead of the garbage fire it is.
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