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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. 1 - Push the Button

    2 - Run for Cover

    3 - Denial
  2. Shape


  3. Freak Like Me
    Run For Cover
    Round Round
  4. I love the In the Middle video, they all look so good. I think it's also the first video of them that I saw as a kid.
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  5. Freak Like Me
    No Can Do
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  6. I'm the biggest fan but when I thought about it I genuinely couldn't remember most of their videos. Push the Button and Hole in the Head were the only ones that sprang to mind, plus Too Lost in You because of Love Actually.
  7. I actually quite like the Round Round video, I thought they looked great, Mutya especially with those crunchy looking braids, and the video,though lacking a storyline, was quite fun. I loved the tornado effects.
  8. This video literally betrayed everything they'd been up to this point.
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  9. Round Round's video is a bitsy iconic.
  10. No, according to Amelle they never recorded it. The demo was probably just pitched to them as one of options to choose from to record.
  11. The ‘Push The Button’ video is my personal favourite. What a time to be a fan!
    I think this one and ‘Overload’ are objectively great, dare I say even iconic.
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  12. Freak Like Me is the best one for me but I have a special place in my heart for Run For Cover.
  13. Before we inevitably move on to the worst video award and y’all start dragging Follow Me Home, let’s not forget Heidi’s quality acting in that final scene before they drive away.
  14. I.. haven’t watched the video enough times to remember any of this. Need to have one more watch I guess.
  15. I don’t think it exists online anymore!
  16. There may be a god after all.
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  17. Freak Like Me still blows me away with its edginess. It's almost like a scene from a Twilight film.

    Shape is just perfect art from the porcelain masks to the mystical setting.

    Easy is just so cool and sexy and edgy love it.

    Change I just adore because I love the Seasons theme. I'll be your girl for all seasons all the year through...

    My top 4
  18. Push The Button is literally iconic, Run For Cover because they all look so classy and elegant and it matches the atmosphere of the song so well, No Can Do because it's visually striking and I love the concept.
    Honorable Mentions: Change, Denial, Freak Like Me, Round Round and Overload.
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  19. Best video? Wear My Kiss.
  20. I've not seen the Follow Me Home video since 2006! Isn't it anywhere?
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