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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. There used to be link to it from the Discography Rate to some random Russian website hosting it, but that's gone now, and the only version around seems to be the Rockamerica remix.

    On a note about Sugababes videos, can someone in charge actually upload the full versions to their YouTube? Having songs like About You Now, Too Lost In You and Change awkwardly stop is frankly embarrassing considering how big some of those were/are.
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  2. Top three videos in no particular order:

    (A) Freak Like Me - iconic in so many ways, but the video has something about it. Some dark, film-noir quality that really plays with the whole dark, sexy vibe! Using the idea of vampires turning Heidi into a new member is genius, as if she is being ripped away from her sugar sweet Atomic Kitten and into the blackened void and bitchiness!

    (B) Hole in the Head - the looks. I mean seriously, the looks are fierce as anything! Their eye shadow is on point and the way they smash up the instruments (laughable) but still, the looks they serve are pure killer qweens.

    (C) Stronger - a strange choice I know, but purely for the part where Keisha is in the AA meeting and she stands up hugging the guy and walks out. She’s so cold and non commital, like she’s hugging him with none to little any emotion just shows how brutal these girls were!
  3. How is that a strange choice? It's easily one of my favourite videos of theirs. Happy slow-motion dancing by the pool, set to a melancholic tune? Count me in!
  4. I love the dance routine near the end in Stronger and at the end of the video where they are on the stand giving looks.
  5. This. This is why I started being a fan of Sugababes. Litterally.
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  6. The videos I always found most memorable are Overload, Soul Sound, Shape, In the Middle, Push the Button, Easy, Change, and Denial...
    I know Soul Sound isn't anyone's favorite track around here, but I always liked the concept of the music video...
    And Keisha's spring look in the Change video freaks me out (in a good way if that's possible) to this day...
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  7. Soul Sound is absolutely lush and a highlight on their debut! It’s a slice of pure chilled funk with a groove so infectious you can’t help humming and tapping along x
  8. Total bop. Underrated is an understatement. I remember blaring this in my car leaving high school (American) and one of the idiot jocks in a Mustang was blasting Usher’s U Got It Bad. Obviously no one knew Sugababes in my small town and the shade thrown my way because of that encounter. I reminded him that we had gym class together and I could let all the girls know about his little nubby friend. Not to mention he listened to Usher and clearly didn’t understand rhythm. I didn’t hear a peep after. Some of the girls liked it when I played it on bus trips. One of them downloaded it from Napster, put it on our Junior prom playlist, and I witnessed a miracle for four and a half minutes. I. Was. Shook.
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  9. I cannot believed I’ve overlooked Sunday Rain, Nothing’s As Good As You and Sound Of Goodbye. They’ve been in rotation all week with Surprise (Goodbye), Ace Reject, Promises and Burnt Out
  10. Keisha did an interview with Radio 4 today discussing the band. She mentions her exit saying she was told the girls didn't want to do it anymore which she was ok with but then she was replaced. She then mentions how she had to do a lot of self work after because she believed she wasn't a very nice person.. Then later found out through legal actions that she wasn't the reason why everything happened but didn't say much more.

    She then goes on to mention her and Siobhan's relationship, saying that with certain personalities her critiques shouldn't have been along the lines of "that was rubbish, let's do it again" but "babe you did a good job but.."
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  11. So nothing new?
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  12. Nothing about the band's future but she's going to be a guest judge on The Great British Menu for Scotland. Also mentioned how she's acting now and going to casting calls and how 'normal' she feels now.
  13. Oh how I'd love a detailed account of what really happened there.
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  14. You can listen to the interview here, she's on from 9m15.

    Also looks like Heidi has been cast in a West End musical.

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  15. I love how realised and eloquent Keisha spoke about her journey. She has come such a long way (you can tell in her anguish). There really needs to be a mega-biography inclusive of all girls solo journeys.
  16. The Big Reunion Sugababes Yas
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  17. kal


    Let this die already.
  18. Neverrrrrrrrrrr
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  19. RJF


    Hello hi does anyone have a list of all the material that leaked from MKS? I think I'm missing some stuff.

    Back In The Day
    I'm Alright
    Love In Stereo
    No Regrets
    Summer Of '99
    Too In Love

    I'm pretty sure there was more stuff though.
  20. kal


    You’re missing:

    Beat is Gone
    Burnt Out
    Lay Down in Swimming Pools
    Love Me Hard
    Metal Heart
    Three More Days
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