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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Sophie's 'Wanderlust' says hold my beer.....
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  2. Keisha singing along to About You Now and getting the words wrong on her Instagram story alert.
  3. That #4 moment was amazing.
  4. Maybe you heard it but it didn’t ‘leak’ I think.
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  5. Less 'beer' more 'milky unsweetened soya tea' but it's a fair point.
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  6. And have being on strictly would get them good slots on BBC programmes especially Jools and pretty much guarantee 2 support.
  7. It did leak. I can't share it but it's definitely out there.
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  8. ...
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  9. Eye roll *
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  10. GCZ


    My thoughts exactly
  11. Thanks
  12. Re. Light Up, I love the Siobhan sings ‘ego’!
  13. Brilliant! Thank you.

    “All the boys wanna play Baywatch” is a LYRIC!!
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  14. Her reaction, hilarious!

    “You want me round” haha
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  15. Those new leaked songs sound really good except for the Amelle one.. But where did they come from especially Silly Cow, how very random, it is really the worst I ever heard sound and she‘s an excellent singer actually.

    I‘m still waiting to hear the songs she‘s performed in India a few years ago where she did some shows but unfortunately they‘ve never leaked one was called Fire and the other one Fallin Down, wich sounded absolutely amazing. Didn‘t Amelle herself say to a fan that she would leak some stuff if she‘d find it for example Hard wich was planned as 4.0 second single after Freedom.
  16. The middle eight of "Light Up" surely interpolates the melody of this

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  17. Is anybody else a bit shook at how, like, very very good "Light Up" is?

    I hope that they still release that one if they ever do get round to doing something.
  18. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    The clip posted a few pages back sounds good, and it's just further assurance that they're a great, creative force for good... but I'm not really moved by the continued drip feed of leaks anymore, it's just a sad reminder of frustration and wasted potential, I only bothered to go back and listen to them this morning.

    I am pleasantly surprised by how pop some of these songs have been, that said. Siobhan's presence just makes me expect that anything pop sounding would be mid tempo, morose and/or her vocals would be on a pace changing middle 8 - so some of these tracks over the years have been a nice reminder that everything is possible and that my presumptions are stupid. Songs like "Today" and "Light Up" are about as pop as I'd have expected from MKS; but then there are "Love In Stereo", "Boys" and "Summer Of '99" type songs out there.

    So... same conclusion as back in 2013/2014 - they are creative, talented and experimental and are not reliant on the Pop Music Machine to bring out their best, they do not need a major label to make good music, but having access to major label resources would probably elevate what they could do.
  19. Here’s a clip (not mine) of the other version of Back in the Day

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  20. I'm having a brain aneurysm.
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