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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Here’s a clip (not mine) of the other version of Back in the Day

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  2. I'm having a brain aneurysm.
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  3. Own up. Which one of you is this?

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  4. kal


    So was she, while recording this. Most likely.
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  5. Did it ever become known which track of MKS was wanted for Little Mix as their lead single until it became Black Magic?
  6. This is new
  7. Wasn't it Summer of 99?
  8. If so glad they didn’t get it . Can’t have a great song like that ........

    The song will never be released now by MKS, but that would have been a great single if finished
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  9. Damn, the production on Romantic Call.. is it carnival time yet?
  10. I said exactly the same thing, it's very Carnival.
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  11. What the hell
  12. I think with the last few leaks you have everything that’s was in the mix for the final track listing. Apart from the original I Lay Down which is probably the most gorgeous thing they did and Back To Life I guess.

    I really like Forever Ready and Great Escape has gorgeous verses, but is proper Oakenfold 2010 realness, and the Breathe Me vocals are stunning but overall it’s unnecessary.
    Most of the other stuff is Burnt Out level of unfinished so create your own version of the album and enjoy!
  13. So i guess right now all we need are
    Lay Down other version
    Back To Life
    Great Escape
    Forever Ready
    Breathe Me
    Romantic Call (havent heard full thing myself yet)
    and then we have their most important material?
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  14. At which point we could no longer complain about not getting an album.
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  15. Am I the only one who remembers hearing rumors of a Rudimental collab???
    Did that ever surface???
    Did I make that up???
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  16. kal


    Let’s face it. Even if all the above leak, people will start complaining and asking for the rest.
  17. Personally i obviously want EVERYTHING (including all old 1.0-4.0 unheard stuff) because i just do, but with MKS i was completely satisfied when we got the 2016 xmas leaks and then Love Me Hard. Everything else after that is a very nice bonus
  18. To be fair, we have over an album’s worth of leaks now.
  19. Romantic Call sounds good based on that clip. And it’s the only one I can’t seem to use my sleuthing skills to find.
  20. The change was definitely to remove the interpolation from this then

    Shame...I liked that version more.
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