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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. MKS' writing credits on "Boys" and "Only You" are listed on the BMI website as one joint entry ("Siobhan Mutya Keisha"), rather than three individual entries. Thus, neither song shows up if you scroll through the writing credits of any individual member.
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  2. RainOnFire

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    Light Up and Only You are so good. Ugh, this nightmare is never gonna be over, is it? New tracks are gonna leak every few months/years and we're gonna be constantly reminded of what an amazing album this would've been. It's all incredibly bittersweet.

    It's pretty much the best Sugababes album already, it's such a shame that we're never getting these tracks in their proper high quality forms.
  3. One of the positive things about any of this has been the luxury of hearing Siobhán and Keisha sing together with adult voices. Their timbres together just sound so good. (Of course, that, like the leaks, also twists the knife in how bittersweet MKS’ current limbo is.)
  4. Speaking of credits, Was Garage Flowers done with Oh Wonder as well?
  5. Do we know, is it simply a case of Polydor pulling the plug when Flatline stalled at No. 50 ?

    I’m still a little shocked there was no follow up, using a more direct commercial style such as Boys (or literally any other track preferred by any random).

    Or was their some other lesser known reason Polydor withdrew support?

    I’m not entirely convinced I buy into a generic line (that could be lazily applied to almost anyone) about the industry shrinking and there being no money to fund a second single.

    After all those different producers, all that studio time spent, it all just died on the back of Flatline underperforming?

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  6. I always assumed Polydor got in over their heads and expected a lot more to happen just on the back of who MKS was prior.
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  7. Whenever Sara and Keren from Bananarama are asked about other girl groups, the only one they have praised are the Sugababes. They said the liked how they had control of their careers and had a moody image (especially in the early years...) The never liked Spice Girls or any others.....

    Also Siobhan Fahey has said a few times that the only girl group she liked was Sugababes as well. I would love to hear the demos that Siobhan Fahey wrote with Siobhan Donaghy, I think they worked together just after Ghosts came out, so the timing wasn't great.
  8. I felt like Polydor were hoping to make MKS what they wanted, and market them how they wanted the public to see them . I believe MKS , learning through their last mistakes, wanted 100% control of their music /image/branding .

    The label saw that Sugababes 4.0 Flopped, and not having control of MKS they just decided to pull in funds of marketing and not bothering . Perhaps Flatline was made to flop on purpose so the label can have an excuse to let them go (sounds silly). The label were hoping for instant success, and because it didn’t happen their way they panicked.

    Rumor : I remember being told that the label wanted ‘boys’ as the lead single . They wanted a pop direction , but the girls Insisted on ‘Flatline’ much to the dismay of the label .

    I believe there was no agreement nor communication with the girls and their label/team .

    Then the label, as well as others, brought in proposals for MKS but as “Sugababes” only . Hence, Keisha going after the name to continue because I don’t think any label wants “mks”. I can’t help but think it’s madness to not want mks . Three girls who are so talented, but labels see “Sugababes” as more marketable and worth having on their label.
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  9. kal


    I recall someone saying that the person who signed MKS left Polydor, so they were kind of stuck with no label support. I assume that’s when Polydor wanted to “Guetta them up” and things went sour.

    I can’t vouch for any of this though so take it with a tablespoon of salt.
  10. So many rumors swirl around . Hard to know what really happened. I don’t think anyone knows but the girls themselves .
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  11. It is a true shame that things went down the way they did. We could be on album three by now.
  12. I think it’s a shame that they have not even been able to release any solo music during this time.

    Especially Keisha. I was looking forward to the solo album she had planned before MKS happened.
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  13. To hear any song or record with Siobhan again is truly magical! The girl’s voice is so incredible ethereal and enchanting, beguiling yet so damning and fierce, these songs by MKS come alive with her tones floating throughout!
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  14. I think that ethereal quality is why I personally think she suits being a solo artist so much more than being in a group.
  15. Do y'all think they will release something this year?
  16. ...They’ll release something soon.
  17. I both agree and disagree.

    Solo Siobhan is always a delight and I feel so special and privaledged to be one of those that have been introduced and am able to share the delights of her solo endeavours. Hell, even seeing her in RENT was an absolute joy!

    Yet being with the girls again brings about a sense of full circle. Their voices are so varied and unique they work and complement each other perfectly. That’s why - I believe anyway - many of these songs work so well as they have the perfect balance of all three girls.
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  18. No plans
  19. Normally when artists say they're done releasing music, I always have a "Sure Jan" moment, because 99% of the time they always release something else down the line, no matter how many years pass. But I genuinely don't see Siobhan putting something out again, because in her own words, I really don't think she'd ever top what she's already put out. And that's not a dig at her, I'm sure she could release something if she wanted to, but when she nailed everything with to the extent she did with Revolution In Me and Ghosts...I'm content with that. Sometimes you do what you have to and then just leave it at that. And when she gave us what she did, I don't blame her.
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  20. All I ask from Siobhan is for vinyl pressings of her two solo albums. With nice bonus discs with the stunning b-sides/unreleased tracks. A gay can dream.
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