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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Normally when artists say they're done releasing music, I always have a "Sure Jan" moment, because 99% of the time they always release something else down the line, no matter how many years pass. But I genuinely don't see Siobhan putting something out again, because in her own words, I really don't think she'd ever top what she's already put out. And that's not a dig at her, I'm sure she could release something if she wanted to, but when she nailed everything with to the extent she did with Revolution In Me and Ghosts...I'm content with that. Sometimes you do what you have to and then just leave it at that. And when she gave us what she did, I don't blame her.
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  2. All I ask from Siobhan is for vinyl pressings of her two solo albums. With nice bonus discs with the stunning b-sides/unreleased tracks. A gay can dream.
  3. Not this sounding like one of those fake Artpop songs on Youtube.

  4. I think Siobhan is too hard on herself and no one expects her to top Ghosts like it's some kind of competition. It's always a risky claim to make but I have a strong gut feeling that whatever the material she decided to grace us with it'd be nothing but of high quality and a natural progression of her sonic endeavours. However I respect her decision to leave the solo career behind. She is well aware of the love and appreciation for the albums she put out. So the validation is there.
    MKS didn't turn out the way it was planned but I'm glad she got her friends back. It was painfully obvious that she was very hurt with the way she left the group
  5. She's a brilliant musician. Shiv's writing sounds just as strong on the MKS songs, so in terms of this fallacy she threw out there of being "unable to top Ghosts", it's just a matter of inspiration and motivation, no matter if it's solo, group, or what have you.
  6. I love Siobhan solo and with MKS, why can't we have both!
  7. We could have if they had wanted to.
  8. I'm surprised at Keisha having no credits on songs that Mutya wrote on. That's not being shady but Keisha seems so much more into the songwriting side of things than Mutya does.
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  9. To which songs are you referring?

    I may not have been clear in my previous post but the list on the previous page incorrectly omits Keisha as a songwriter on "Boys" and "Only You".

    Here are screenshots from the BMI website for those two songs, where all three members are credited as a collective:

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  10. Ah I see, I must have missed that.
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  11. No
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  12. This Paradise song is kinda nice, the chorus are amazing but the verses are too barebones.
  13. I agree with you. I feel pretty certain that the only way we'll hear more from Siobhan is if it's with MKS/Sugababes, and I've accepted that her solo output is what it is.
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  14. kal


    Y'all are gonna leak everything, aren't you?
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  15. So would I. Please.
  16. Another leak??
  17. That "chorus" though.
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  18. Oh my goodness. We literally will have 3 albums worth before the ladies "officially" return SOON
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  19. This is super fun. What songs *haven't* leaked at this point?
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