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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Didn’t the fans force their hands with coming out as MKS when someone spotted their names had been trademarked and now they’re dishing out tracks like it’s Sugababes and Freedom?

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  2. I guess we were kinda spoiled with the quality of the last three leaked tracks because ‘Paradise’ is clearly a very raw unfinished product and low-key not very good.
    I’ve been thirsty as hell for leaks but yeah this rapid tempo of leaking is leaving bitter taste even in my mouth.
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  3. They deserve so much better than this
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  4. And yet you all downloaded, own, and listen to the leaked tracks while licking your lips ....
  5. You can simultaneously listen to the leaks and also wish they'd never happened; it's not mutually exclusive.
  6. Apparently the only track yet to leak that was going to be on the final album is a song called Enough.
  7. And Back to Life.. And I Lay Down
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  8. I love the leaks but feel sorry for the producers etc.
  9. Also, not keen on Paradise. Can't say I'd want to listen to it more than once.
  10. Why am I only just finding this and why am I fucking LOVING it?
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  11. Breathe Me is out there.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. not me finding Back in the Day (feat. Thalia) and thinking it's THAT Thalia
  14. Breathe Me is incredible.. as expected. Their vocals on that chorus, phew.
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  15. ‘Breathe Me’ is giving me goosebumps. The song is so on brand for them!
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  16. Wow I actually don't like the production on Breathe Me. Finding it super obnoxious.
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  17. Agree with you about Paradise. The verses definitely feel like something they were still working on, or unsure about what to do. I think the chorus is excellent though!
  18. Yet again I have no idea where these leaks are coming from.

    My inbox is screaming "hey mr mailman where's the mail for my mailbox?"
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  19. Breathe Me is... interesting. It's a great song anyway, and I like that they've tried something different with the production once it gets going. It would've been far too easy to do a carbon copy of Sia's. It feels more aligned with Aiden Grimshaw's version given the electronic influences.
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