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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I wonder if everything will leak from this point on.
  2. I hope not. Nearly everything so far has been really great; I don’t want to hear their super unfinished/rough stuff. It might spoil “the leaks”
  3. Everything will leak...
  4. LEAKS.jpg
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  5. The JR Rotem-style foghorns in Romantic Call are painful. That sound effect has not aged well.

    Only You is quite nice, though. It needs an extra something but the harmonies are lush.

    Light Up is good! It’s probably my favourite of the most recent batch.

    Breathe Me is not as exciting a cover as, say, Lay Down In Swimming Pools, and I hope they weren’t seriously considering it for the album. It’s good but it screams “fan favourite B-side”.

    The dubstep section is a little bit too much of a reminder of Freedom dddd.
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  6. Where are y'all hearing Breathe Me? I can't find it anywhere.
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  7. Could someone please help me hear paradise and breathe me?
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  8. How many other songs have you got that have not leaked yet?
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  9. Are they where music matters?
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  10. There is a 45 second clip going around of another song called champagne and roses. Sounds good as well.
  11. Where can that be heard?
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  12. Champagne and Roses, Pillow Talk, Paradise, Why Oh Why, Recover, Break My Heart, Garage Flowers, Say Goodbye, Why Did The Lights Go Out are all super rough, literally first drafts.

    I'd say Enough, Forever Ready, Fall From Grace, Great Escape, Take The Wheel (And Drive), Up In Flames are mid-tier that are more polished and more accomplished songs from a writing/production perspective. There's probably some I'm forgetting.

    They took the songs with most potential to work 5,6 versions of hence the quality difference from the older leaks... These sets of songs were abandoned very early on. I wouldn't judge them too harshly, I mean if ya gotta have em you gotta have em, but the best really have already leaked.
  13. I really like Breathe Me
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  14. I’d be really sad if they didn’t come back . I’ve pushed myself to accept they’re over . That way if they did return it would be a mega surprise.

    I have loved every single leak that has come from MKS. Yeah there are some I love more than others , but these ladies can do no wrong . They could even release a track with them burping and farting and I would probably still love it .

    A truly talented trio that the industry is missing out on.
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  15. I mean, we've got about 2 albums' worth of material right now... so I ain't mad. I'll come to peace with it, I guess.
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  16. Breathe Me is absolutely phenomenal, they improved what was already a brilliant song.
    It's actually the most depressing of all the leaks to me, because it really deserved the world.

    Not able to find Paradise or Back In The Day f/ Thalia though.

    I thought this too until a few pages ago when someone made a comment about how she was 'so much older now'.
  17. We all love "When love takes over (First Choice's summer anthem)"!

    They would still harmonize while doing it I guess!
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  18. I'll never get over God Won't Save You Now. Was that ever released officially? I have this version that just hardbops so much,.
  19. Imagine if MKS re-worked Gotta Be You, that'd be fire!
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  20. kal


    The leaked version of Breathe Me is definitely more polished than the one I’ve heard before.
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