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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Keisha's vocal run in Breathe Me is incredible.
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  2. Was breathe me due to be on the album or did they cover this during the sia ‘session’
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  3. Which version of Recover are you referring to?
  4. Does anyone know if "The Game" by Sugababes 2.0 (I think) leaked in a decent quality? The only audio of it I have come across is rather poor.
  5. Where is breathe me??! I’ve searched the entire internet including bebo and nothing!
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  6. Siobhan's vocals are mesmerizing on Breath Me !
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  7. I’m really enjoying Only You at the moment
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  8. Does anyone know where this is from? Is it about Amelle?

  9. I can't source it either..
  10. Listening to all the leaks again but the highlight of MKS still remains Mutya's "diii-iiii-iiiive" adlib towards the end of Swimming Pools
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  11. Ah this is so nice to see!
  12. I've decided I don't like Breathe Me. I love the original. Their version sounds so dated. That last 'breakdown' part is not good. It's a bit embarrassing. Their vocals are great and I echo what I said earlier...I'd love them to just do a plain cover of it.
  13. I don't mean it like a promo, God forbid, but the songs are happily being shared in that Facebook group. I think it's smarter to look for leaks there as it isn't against their rules unlike here.
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  14. The gospal-y one...
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  15. That one is much better than the other one in my opinion.
  16. I remember Siobhan saying once it had her favourite chorus but the verses weren't done at all, just sketches.
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  17. Is it a ballad?
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  18. Paradise is a bop.

  19. Glowing Queens.
  20. Up In Flames, Champagne & Roses, Garage Flowers and Arrow are all out apparently.
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