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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. GCZ


    Hmmm I haven’t been able to locate them. They’re not on that group either
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I need them to record something together even if it flops ten x worse than Flatline.
  4. Heidi and Amelle found replacing Sara and Keren.
  5. Love the chorus of "Up in Flames."

    My love is like a loaded gun,
    You better take your heart and run,
    Get under cover before we blow it all away,
    Finger on the trigger, we're gonna go up in flames


    Garage Flowers and Champagne & Roses do sound unfinished as mentioned before, nice to have them though.
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  6. Would love to hear these.
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  7. I'd love to hear too.
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  8. kal


    I’m screaming. Who opened the floodgates?
  9. I'm surprised nothing is being said on that Facebook group...
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  10. Yeah I can’t find them either.
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  11. Cant find todays leaks...yet. Also Amelle talking about reunion just a while ago and suddenly Heidi's at her show? Hmmm...
  12. You mean Flatline by MKS, that entered the chart at 14 in Ireland and 19 in The Lebanon?

    Splendagurlz could never.
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  13. kal


    You forgot it was top 10 on iTunes!
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  14. If only I could listen to the latest leaks...
  15. I swear every time I blink someone's leaked something else ddd
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  16. Are y’all getting infractions for requesting the illegal MP3’s? This is an actual question, no shade involved.

    I got one for asking for Boys back in 2015
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  17. kal


    It's cute that you think the mods even enter this thread.

    You can get an infraction if someone reports you though.
  18. Dang, the internet does not forget and it came with receipts. I just got axed from the group and had a screenshot of something I posted on Popjustice in 2016(!!!) sent to me for the reason I was dismissed.

    Oh my days.
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  19. ‘Garage Flowers’ definitely had potential and deserved to get to another stage of its song development.
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  20. I'd love to hear
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