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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I would love to be pointed in the right direction so I can listen to Romantic Call, Breathe Me, Paradise, Garage Flowers, Back in the Day feat. Thalia, Up In Flames and Champagne and Roses...
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  2. Listened to them all now... Hmmm... They definitely chose the correct songs for the album. This lot are average at best.
  3. kal


    I swear if I see someone else write
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  4. Funny how you always ask for leaks only to dismiss them a second later.
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  5. ffff not a Tamika moment:
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I think I like Up In Flames best.

    I had a totally different style and rhythm in my head for a song titled Garage Flowers, but it's not bad. Champagne and Roses is also decent.

    It's crazy we have almost 2 hours of music from them since the leaks started.
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  8. Oh I don't mean to sound dismissive. I just expect them to be as good as the initial first leaks. I'm a huge fan of No Regrets and I'm Alright. I just feel these aren't of that calibre.

  9. Oh this is nice.
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  10. kal


    If everything is indeed going to leak, as was predicted by @marathon13, then @ladylloyd is pretty much spot on. Most of the remaining tracks are very unfinished and will not be a satisfactory listen such as the initial ones.

    The ones I would consider more polished/better are Calling Out For You, Back To Life, I Lay Down, Forever Ready & Arrow.

    Oh wait, I forgot Arrow is already doing the rounds.

    Also, please don't PM me for links to the unleaked ones. I'm not going to respond.
  11. I do love Forever Ready actually, I was pushing for it to be a bonus track at one point...shouldn't of bothered ha.
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  12. I think it will be so weird to hear 'I Lay Down' since I have used and abused the Swimming Pools mix since they posted it to Soundcloud
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  13. I really like champagne and roses and up in flames a lot. Even if they are demos they still sound amazing to me and I’m happy to hear them.
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  14. kal


    How come?
  15. That's fair enough. I guess I need to take into account they are in demo form. I wonder how the girls feel now they are all leaking.
  16. I imagine Keisha's seething but pretends she isn't, Siobhan's quietly gutted and Mutya dnt gv a fuk.
  17. kal


    You can bet Mutya is already rehearsing her lines in her next interview when she’s asked about MKS music.

    “Oh sis, sum1 leaked our first album n we were workin on anotha 1 to release but they leaked the second one too”

  18. What was the album track listing supposed to be?
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  19. We need a definitive track order now. I'd love to hear people's suggestions.
  20. I don't know, but just from comments that the other tracks were more polished and had been worked on. Definitely the ones they played live.
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