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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Urgh forgot that I really am not a fan of Ugly in any capacity
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  2. Not even in the form of “4.0 as filmed by something with the fidelity of a Game Boy Camera”?

    Me neither.

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  3. I need shady Keisha documentary moment where she reflects on the last line up while 4.0 are interviewed in the next shot just like in the Girl group documentary.
  4. It is probably one of their most basic offerings but Ugly did its job perfectly as a single.
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  5. “Ugly” is a word salad set to a royalty-free YouTube music cue, but it means well.
  6. Leak or don't tease us.
  7. That some event was the last time they performed in public, the NYE gig (31st Dec 2013) in Dublin, along with Madness and others.

    I was there, had been to see them a few times. I remember feeling really sad that the crowd were not there for them, a much older crowd for Madness, resulting in a pretty mooted crowd albeit probably the largest crowd they’d preformed for since coming back.

    It was also sad that Madness were televised by RTÉ and MKS were not, probably as they didn’t have the rights to perform the older stuff.
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  8. Think you mean 2013 - and that's why I was mistaken (thought it was 2012 even though I wrote 2013, pre-tour rather than post-tour).
    Sucks it wasn't televised.
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  9. Thanks for the correction sis. When you get to my age you start forgetting things.
  10. One more post about that damn song, but I die every time I think about 2.0 “Mutya Had the Flu Again” edition singing "Ugly" and “Hole in the Head” of all things in front of the Nobel Peace crowd -- and introduced by Julianne Moore/Siobhán as 'fresh and passionate'.

    All things considered, and credit where credit is due, Heidi does a lovely job on "Ugly" here.

    But then Keisha chastising the laureates and co. for being too quiet. And Heidi going, "...OK. Next time we sing 'round, feel free to join in?" lololol

    What's next? "Push the Button" for Nelson Mandela? Oh right.
  11. Keisha’s awkward crowd interactions were everything.
  12. "Lemme hear you scream! And we just wanna say it is an honour to be here tonight to support Mr. Nelson Mandela. Now everyone say happy birthday. See, after waiting patiently for him to come and get it..."
  13. Keisha on one of the CDUK or TOTP performances of push the button, screaming “make some noise people” haha
  14. After years of suffering because of MKS unreleased material now I’m going to daydream about Keisha’s version of ‘No More You’ once again like I used to back in 2009? Thank you for the heartbreak!

    Thanks @Blackout Zone for the info. It all sounds really intriguing! The stuff around ‘Lincoln Continental’ is a total mess. I guess the Stargate songs weren’t the cheapest and they had to cut a song and leave it in LA.
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  15. Did we know Amelle popped up on GMB last week debating with Amir Khan's wife?
  16. That’s appalling behaviour from that mother to put a price on her kids . CEO of the house hold ? Does that mean I can get paid for cleaning and cooking at home too?

    Amelle spoke a lot of sense, and seems so humble about motherhood.
  17. Honestly, what did I just watch? Haha. I'm not sure I follow Faryal's argument - perhaps she has a point but I'm not sure she's expressing it well.
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  18. Amelle came across brilliantly there.
  19. Amelle, Jade and Heidi should do their own chat show
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  20. kal


    So, a little birdy has shared with me that individuals in the infamous MKS Facebook group keep talking about me, so let me make a few things clear, just so y’all can sleep better at night.

    Yes, I do have all of the unreleased MKS tracks. Yes, I’ve had them for years. No, I haven’t advertised it to anyone. And no, I will not share them with any of you because you’ve proven time and time again that you’re not trustworthy people. You’re not even real fans. You’re a bunch of pathetic, jaded losers and I sincerely hope you’ll get better one day.

    Until then, stay pressed. xx
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