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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Fans on all forums and groups should just get on. I know people have songs and have for years we all know this. If we hear them great, if we don't we don't it doesn't matter. What's the point in everyone bitching about each other constantly. We shouldn't be generating or manifesting hate we should just enjoy all things SUGA and celebrate their return whenever it may be. None of us are better than anyone else. I bet the girls would hate it if they knew there is so much beef between us. You said yourself a few pages back that we don't deserve the Sugababes and I think you're right.
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  2. Sis what?! Glad Amelle has some tradition famalam values! She looks great more natural and elegant! Everybody get mad everybody get Psycho, Psycho, Psycho!!!!
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  3. I mean this in a humble and sincere manner, but I don’t feel this post is very appropriate here or necessary . It’s only going to create more drama, and rather fuel the flames. Especially labeling is rather placing you in a dark light.

    It’s sad we need to be reading this. Keep it about MKS, and less about our own dramas I say.
  4. kal


    I’m not particularly keen on people talking about me either, but they seem to be doing it on the regular.

    I don’t really think I’m better than anyone for having the songs. Completely the opposite - I feel incredibly fortunate and it’s high key tiresome to keep seeing the crap they spout about me and a few others. I only wanted to make one post to clear things up. I’ll shut up about it now and I hope others do the same.
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  5. Well fortunate indeed you lucky star. Enjoy the music on my behalf :——)

    Just wish the Babes would be back already and release an album that everyone will love , and appreciate together. Everyone will forget the leaks, and just enjoy the music as one fan base.

    I sound like some cheesy hipster
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  6. I'm happy for you specifically because you're not a wanker about it.
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  8. If Wikipedia is to be believed, Three sold about the same as Taller In More Ways so yes it definitely should.
    Let me tweet them - poor Dixie Chicks about to get knocked off the list.

    EDIT: They forgot Girls Aloud - Sound of the Underground too so poor Honeyz also.
  9. This look is hot.

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  11. Three is missing and should be around #10.

    Poor journalism.
  12. Interesting list though I'm sure Eternals debut was the first girlband studio album to sell a million in the UK and I know a few of the albums above are no where near a million.
  13. Three has always been so underrated.
    I mean, even the bsides alone are pearls.
  14. Maybe part of the sales were from outside of the 25 year period?
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  15. I feel bad I didn't initially notice it was missing because it's probably my fave Sugababes album.
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  16. I would kill for a Three vinyl pressing.
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  17. I'd even kill for a Sweet 7 vinyl at this point.
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  18. Not fucking Glory Days outranking so many iconic albums.
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