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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. You've heard the 25+ demos, right? Ha.
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  2. At least they are actually still recording music. It gives hope that they have not given up if they managed to record something in a studio together.
  3. Ha. I mean officially!
  4. A cover of Sweet Female Attitude "Flowers" from the clip!
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  5. Oh I'm forever ready
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  6. Don’t do it. Another lifetime of more ‘soons’.
  7. Where are people hearing this?
  8. Mutya's Snapchat story. Siobhan also posted the same clip on her Instagram Story but quickly removed it and added this new yet already iconic picture!
  9. Anyone care to share Mutyas Snapchat name? I had her before but can’t find her name!

    It must be some sort of sign that they have posted that picture when they’ve been together how often in the past few years and hardly even acknowledged it.
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  10. I can't find her either!
  11. Anyone care to save the snippet?

    You can only see someone's story they've added after you added them. So adding her is no use to see it.
  12. I kind of just want them to give it another go as MKS at this point.
  13. I think it was mutya_boo
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  14. It really does considering how the low profile they've kept these years despite we all knowing they've been working together on an off.
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  15. kal


  16. I’m so excited just about seeing the picture I’m celebrating with my first non-Lapras avatar ever - that’s something, haha!
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  17. He


    Wouldn't it be possible for them to tour Europe as MKS? I think they could do well, and maybe excite people over new music, and make some coin.

    I'm also confident a pledgemusic campaign would work amazingly to fund an album.
  18. It's just GREAT that they are still together, after over 7 years. Despite only releasing one single, this is the longest and strongest Sugababes lineup!
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  19. Yes! Never thought of this. Their fan base may be moderately sized but absolutely passionate enough to cough up a decent amount. I’d happily drop €100 at least, and they’re probably the only act I’d say that about
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  20. PledgeMusic shut down recently, though there's still kickstarter.
    Personally I don't think they'd really need to go down that road.
    I think they'll still be an attractive prospect to labels & their good-will in the UK pop world should mean they don't need to pay producers up-front?
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