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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I wonder what Blayke is referring to. I hope the news is good.
  2. I thought he just meant that we're in for another world of "SOON!", "2-12 weeks" and so on.
  3. This. The ladies can siphon off some (or all) of my monthly salary if that means we’ll get singles and albums!
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  4. Said it before but it remains the biggest pop-injustice that their album was never released. Flatline, Boys, Love In Stereo, Summer of 69 and I’m Alright are all 10/10.

    I would pay for that album today.
  5. The All Saints model is exactly what they should be doing. I honestly don't think they even need the Sugababes name for that to be successful, though of course it would be a bonus as they damn well deserve it.
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  6. Is it Keisha or am I imagining it?
  7. kal


    Girl, that’s definitely not Keisha but I would LOVE a collaboration with Katy.
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  8. Sorry!
    To be honest I wouldn't be surprised. Btw I saw that Katy liked the picture of the girls from the studio that Dj Lady Lloyd posted on Twitter. Funnily enough Katy also used to perform her own cover of Flowers! There are some many parallels between them.
  9. I’m beyond happy to see them still working together. They have so much magic and chemistry. I really hope they can officially release an album at some point.
  10. I'm genuinely surprised (and thrilled) that this one picture has made so many news sites. I wondered if maybe the first reunion was such a non event for the GP that everyone thought this was the first time they'd got back together, but all the stories seem to mention Flatline etc. I hope this gives the girls some encouragement.
  11. I was more pointing reference to the journey thus far etc.
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  12. It’s so weird that after hearing the news I went on Facebook and where it shows your memories it said “seven years ago today” and I had posted those gorgeous photo booth pix from the MKS’s a sign I tell you! Maybe not but I’ll never give up hope!
  13. The only way a Sugababes reunion will be commercially successful today in any form - new music/tours is if its 2.0.
  14. Ideally it would be 2.0 but I doubt that will ever happen.
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  15. I just don't think this is true at all.

    2.0 would have their advantages - mainly that they were the biggest and most recognisable line-up with a 2/3 majority on every hit - but I don't think 2.0 quite has the cool-factor that MKS have.
    I think MKS can quite easily muster up enough enthusiasm to tour decently - didn't that 2013 tour do decently? And the touring market is much bigger now so with increased nostalgia they should do even better.

    If they were to have any actual hits going forward, they'd need to get people on-board who have no clue who any of them are anyway. So it doesn't matter if it's Heidi or Siobhan.
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  16. Can we not just enjoy the photo for a tiny bit before all of this rears its head again.
  17. I almost want this to be true in a perverse way, and it’s ideal to me too just because Heidi is my favorite, but since she did 1.0 songs, it’s fine for MKS (or hopefully Sugababes) to do any song in the catalog along with new stuff and I think everyone will accept it as long at the music and rollout are better than last time (and did I mention having the name back wouldn’t hurt?).
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  18. I’m not really that familiar with her work, but can you imagine their vocals and harmonies on a version of Crying For No Reason?! Whew chile!!!! I need it.
  19. I don't want 2.0 and I was a fan of them too. For me, this whole thing is about 1.0 going full circle. Let's all be honest too...1.0 definitely have the strongest voices, sharpest look and cool factor. Forget chart positions. It's all about the music and 1.0 will deliver.
  20. Do people not realise that asking for a 2.0 reunion is practically asking the girls to be less happy?

    None of them have expressed any interest in reuniting the second line-up and MKS have stayed faithful to each other despite nothing happening for 6 years.

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