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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. I’m comforted that @ladylloyd liked this.

    YES to ‘Flowers’ and hopefully a new album though!
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  2. Howling.
  3. if Amelle does a solo section, it will be God Won’t Save You Now on repeat.
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  4. A solo section without Silly Cow is not a solo section I want.

  5. All those faces...
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  6. None of them are ginger. That's important.
  7. are the emojis Keisha’s subliminals of a reunion?

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  8. If there was any reunion/anniversary show with more than three members I’m sure it would be a one-off and I’d be booking overseas travel in a heartbeat if I could snag a ticket. What a dream! And also, what a way to put all the lineup drama from the past to bed for good.
  9. Definitely. It would be nice to see them reclaim the narrative like this.
  10. Oh god anything other than the original three would be awful.
  11. The psychology that this conversation has now gone to ‘all members touring’, again, despite how far-fetched poor an idea that is.

    Have we discussed that renewal of the name ‘Sugababes’ is due next year? I don’t know what that means, whether it’s just an admin thing or whether it means Crown aren’t actually guaranteed to have any rights to the name after the renewal date. Anybody know? It seems like convenient timing....
  12. Not saying that the probability is zero, but it does seem weird that Heidi and Amelle would join a tour that celebrates the anniversary of someone else's album, and then step aside afterwards because MKS got the name for themselves.
  13. Heidi and Amelle were a big part of the group, Only person it would be weird for is Jade, she had no contribution to the group. She literally just re-recorded Keisha’s parts.

    Don’t see her doing a reunion.
  14. I'm not gonna hype myself up for something that may never happen (AKA the entire Sky Ferreira thread), but if we ever see a (feat. Sugababes) or just the Sugababes name on a new track I think I would legitimately become emotional.
  15. Indeed Sugababes would've ended in 2001 and 2005 respectively had they not joined.

    For me it will never be the Sugababes without Heidi in particular you just can't brush a seven albums out of eight contribution under the carpet.
  16. When are we going to hear Flowers?
  17. Soon
  18. Soon.
  19. 2-12 weeks?
  20. The album with Flowers on is out in just 6 weeks! I can’t believe we will have a new officially released track by then (please don’t be pushed back!).
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