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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. This video.
  2. This is the same interview but just a clip - the other video they have uploaded from it doesn't include the gif moment either.
  3. As much as I love Heidi’s middle 8, that final note in Siobhan’s take on it was breathtaking.

  4. This is a favourite of mine.
    I wouldn't mind a cute little re-recorded 'best of' (their actual best - not just the biggest hits) with Siobhan.
  5. It still gives me chills
  6. I'd love it to be in acoustic. Like not going for "substituting" the originals but more as a showcase of their voices.
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  7. Yes - doesn't even have to be fully acoustic (though it works well for songs like Caught In A Moment) but more just an MKS-reimagining of the songs rather than substitutes for the originals.
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  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    You expected @ohnoitisnathan to like a girl group single from 2000? Really?
  9. The Scala gig was my favourite ever concert as a whole, but the roar that arose when Siobhan sang the Stronger middle 8 (I like to think I started it but I'm sure several other attendees had the same idea) was the absolute pinnacle.

    I'm glad this week's news means the memories of that night don't have to be tainted by quite as much sadness.
  10. Yes! The audience went wild too. I think the hairs were stood up on the back of my neck. CAUGHT IN A MOMENT indeed.
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  11. Promises from One Touch though.

    I love Soul Sound to bits, including the video but I do wish Promises was the single instead.
  12. That was kind of annoying in that it was hard to hear her actually singing it as the crowd was so loud!
  13. Soz but it felt correct
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  14. I love Soul Sound too but you do not wanna know how much we begged for Promises at the time.
  15. The only song of theirs I know is that (I think) 'Overload' one. The one that goes "it's a mad, bad situation"... or something.
  16. What happened to you in the 21st century?!
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  17. I declined to join it.
  18. It seems like such an obvious choice. I think Soul Sound was released in July (?) so maybe they felt like it was more of a 'summer sounding' single...
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  19. I would love “Summer of 99” released for their 20th anniversary.
  20. The girls didn’t even want to release it , but management pushed for it. Mutya, Siobhán and Keisha didn’t want it as a single. Mutya is the only one who loves it now , and even said it was one of her favorite tracks
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