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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by etienne, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Keisha's pretending to be mad about it but all bets it's her. It's been a while since she stirred the pot a bit.
  2. Tease is brilliant. It should have been included on the album..
  3. 'Too Lost in You' was certified Silver yesterday.
  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Ahh I'm pleased for them. It's one of the best love songs of the last decade for sure.
  5. Did this just leak?

    Sugababes 2.0 - Tease

    I've never heard it before..
    EDIT: or I could try reading the last page. Sorry!
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  6. Iccidentally (literally!) i've found a page with lots of old sugababes interviews, articles etc there are even few individual members ones. Some of them are in Russian (BOO!) but most are in English (YAY!). Either way even the Russian ones are cool if only for the old photos. Enjoy and have fun reading, watching and no need to thank me. Allthough you should...

  7. So there is an Amelle version of Push The Button out there! I want to hear it so badly!
  8. "I don't like too much attention!"
  9. I died.
  10. Not Gareth Gates inventing GRRRRR.
  11. And 'Obsession', 'It Ain't Easy' and 'Ace Reject'...
  12. Ooh my three favorite album tracks from Taller!
  13. So were they possible single choices for the re-released edition of Taller?

    They should have just whacked them on. Might as well have more Amelle on the album.
  14. Mutya sang over Amelle's version at some gig once.
  15. JDS


    Didnt she rerecord the whole album but the reason they didnt use it was something to do with tracklisiting differences making it a new album and sales status etc to make sure it didnt count as two Albums (Taller)??
  16. I've developed an obsession with Unbreakable Heart in the last few days.
  17. Unbreakable Heart would've been a nice 2008 Christmas single instead of No Can Do.
  18. That album is so underrated! I've really grown to love Nothing's As Good as You and Every Heart Broken.
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