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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Pls come to Brasil
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  2. I honestly don't care what they do as long as we get new acoustic sessions!
  3. It seems the girls are odd to Manchester, judging by both Mutya and Keisha’s Instagram stories.

    I’m low-key ready for Keisha property-maven-Queen-of-subliminals Buchanan to comeback with her socials!
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  4. The new thread started yesterday should have remained open and this should have stayed in Comeback Corner.
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  5. Honestly their acoustics are so good. They might not have sounded better ever before in their lives. I wouldn't mind an EP of live acoustic versions. In fact that might be a solution in order to put out some of their MKS songs like Back in the Day.
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  6. Random question but do you reckon that the women in the About A Girl video were actually intended to be stunt doubles but decided to just keep them in when they couldn’t swap the Keisha-double in time?

    Edit: Never mind, I’ve just found for myself.
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  7. Whitney is also there. I wonder what they could be up to.
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  8. The About A Girl music video remains. one of the biggest mysteries in the history of Sugababes. I remember being extremely excited for the video, more so after Keisha & Heidi talked about the concept and the stunt doubles they will have. I believe they kept them because time run out to reshot all the scenes and no one involved really expected the fiasco that was going to happen in the end. I also believe that all the footage with the actors/actresses was filmed prior.
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  9. It will never not bug me that we didn't get the About a Girl video with Keisha.

    Couldn't that drama have waited a few weeks...
  10. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  11. Wondering if they will use the old MKS songs at all. I suppose most of the songs need mastering and updating. I would pay a lot to get an album with Summer Of 99, Im Alright (this NEEDS polishing), Today (this needs a good quality). Guess there's no hope for Love In Stereo and Too In Love. As for the rest im fine with them being just demos but it would be a nice surprise if they could get a release as some sort of bonus bundle (extra paid obviously)
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  12. If they can use the leaked tracks, they should - a limited run of 1000 signed CDs would easily sell out I’m sure.
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  13. They’re not going to pay the producers for the tracks only to release 1000 CDs. If they release any of the leaked songs and therefore have to pay for the tracks, they’ll make the most of them on streaming, download, individual cover CDs, vinyl, cassettes, 8track etc etc!
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  14. No old demos. I want new music, thank you. And let's face it, they (1.0) can write new songs with ease.
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  15. But the demos are so good!
  16. If anything, I hope they make another standout colourful, glittery track like ‘Love In Stereo’. That song is such a MOMENT.
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  17. I guess they would be, but they're still years old. I just don't want them coming back with old music from an unreleased album.
  18. The butthole floral Heidi Range...
  19. Is Breathe Me available anywhere online? I'd love to hear it.
  20. I just need Summer of 99 in finished form and I will be happy! I love that song so much.
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