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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Wishing everyone going to the recording a great time, and please be sure to report back with every scrap of info you have!
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  2. It is done.

  3. RainOnFire

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    I only got into the Sugababes about 2-3 years ago, and I somehow always forget that Conversation's Over wasn't a single. It just sounds like one of their defining singles, and I was wondering why it wasn't on this list nn. It's insane to me that they left that one as an album track.
  4. This is so fucking fun! Pop miracle.
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  5. It really is a great time to be a fan. Years of waiting finally paying off.
  6. What a journey we have been on, honestly gave up a while ago but now they have me drawn back into this madness!

    This has to be the greatest pop justice of all time, surely?
  7. It really is! Last week I was telling my best friend the whole story. Starting from when I was 12 (!!!!) and discovering Angels With Dirty Faces thanks to my sister. 17 years and one hell of a rollercoaster later I still can’t get enough of these girls. It’s one of the most insane and fascinating Pop stories ever. Only now with the Origbabes getting the name back it’s all full circle really.
  8. I have a theory the Garage Classical album was postponed because of the Graham Norton Show. They wanted the album to be released on the same day the show airs, but couldn't get the earlier slot. Or at least that might might be the reason of the latest release date change. Not sure about the first delay.

    Also I am very happy and excited! Finally something is happening! I hope their Instagram and Twitter accounts will keep the pictures, videos and posts from the MKS era. I don't want them to be erased, it is part of their history now.
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  9. Most likely!


  10. Thank you, I really appreciate that! I honestly just do all those kind of things as a means of stress release, after gym and friends. It's probably my only creative outlet at the moment. I've always had a knack for doing some kind of design/media thing when it comes to Sugababes/Mutya. Right @kal ? (Ha!)
  11. I cannot believe in 5 hours I will be listening to a brand new song sung and released by the fucking SUGABABES.
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  12. I’m surprised it hasn’t been teased on radio or even played, they normally have exclusive first plays.
  13. I can’t believe this is happening, it feels like a dream!
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  14. Life in a dream
    Time does come soon

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  15. I hope once the song is released tomorrow we will have some news about their plans and their social media starts to be updated etc.
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  16. While we wait for Flowers at midnight, let's review some Sugababes greatness:

    Reclaim your throne goddess.
  17. I think they’ll keep things fairly low key in terms of social media until next year. They won’t make announcements about a new album/tour whilst they’re promoting DJ Spoony’s project.
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  18. I can imagine them announcing a few warm up shows beforehand.
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  19. It would be great if they announced a mini- 20th anniversary Greatest Hits tour on Graham Norton tomorrow.
  20. I wonder if they’ll join DJ Spoony at the live event for Garage Classical at Royal Albert Hall?
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