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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. I'm so glad that I still have my Australian iTunes account. Just 15 more minutes before I'm heading home and listen to the first og sugababes song in 19 years. Is this even real?
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  2. I am weeping at how beautiful this is. The harmonies. The strings. The vocal distribution!

  3. GCZ


    This is sooooo good!
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  4. Those VOICES.
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  5. Siobhan's riff near the beginning - deceased.
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  6. grrr anywhere us in the UK can hear?
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  7. Ugh why can't it be available for everyone at the same time?
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  8. Can u put a clip of it on your sb insta?
  9. Here’s a clip

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  10. kal


    Okay, I heard it and it’s amazing. AMAZING.

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  11. Finally found a way to listen. These are god level harmonies.

  12. Sorry, I had to compose myself and put this video together!
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  13. Oh my god at the clips.
    Can’t wait to hear it in full!
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  14. kal


    This still feels like a lucid dream. I hope I never wake up.
  15. I went from liking it to loving it after a few plays - it's on a loop now.
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  16. Sounds amazing. Like I thought it would do :)
  17. I'm not familiar with the original track, not sure if most of these songs were popular in the UK and not so much in the US? I don't think Garage music really took off here, am I wrong about that?

    Anyway, that aside, it is so good/great/amazing to hear them on a track again! I wish them all the good things, and it's crazy to think that we've been waiting YEARS to get to this point. Still doesn't feel quite real.
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  19. He


    Is it "around"? I need to listen.
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Garage was a UK thing
    style that we bring
    Go underground let the journey begin
    We're the Mis-Teeq, We're in chorus we sing
    Quick off the mark, ring a-ding-ding ding
    In a mix with a bag of tricks
    Feel the vibe with the one Sunship, boom!
    Move to the beat it's about music
    Roll through these tracks with our fresh tactics

    The original track is pretty good though, but the Sugababes perfected it. They all sound amazing, especially Siobhan.

    Katy B's version is good too::
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