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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. This is so good, ah what a brilliant track.
  2. SIX.
  3. Damn just want to hear Siobhan's vocals on this.
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  4. Siobhan verse is so cheerful, I really like it.
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  5. Their harmonies really elevate it. Listened to the original directly beforehand and on my first listens, really couldn't distinguish any super grandiose differences in production.
  6. Can't wait to hear the whole thing!
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  7. You can see and hear them rehearse in this Violinists IG story. It´s SO good to see them together on a stage. I got chills...

    MY HEART...
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  8. I kind of love that the first time we see them on video together in all this time is on some random IG story.
    Queens of the understated comeback.
  9. Keisha's opening line. The 'ahhhhs' going into the chorus counter to Mutya. Siobhán's lilting sensitivities.

    A vocal arrangement.
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  10. Sadly, Flowers isn't available in the USA. However, The Honest Vocal Coach continues with her Sugababes Thursday ...

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  11. I am having to wait until midnight too. From the snippets it sounds heavenly.

    To anyone seeking the original of Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude, here you go...

  12. I need her to critique the Sugababes' Lady Marmalade performance. Complete with Amelle's "OH OH OH!" moment and Patti's screeching.
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  13. I've been sick and not on my phone much for the past couple of days, and I log on to this thread out of curiosity and I see all of THIS? I cannot believe it's not a fever dream. Not only are the girls back, but the BABES are back? So so so overjoyed.
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  14. I forgot how much I love hearing their voices together. Siobhan sounds great.
  15. Me on the bus to work tomorrow morning pretending I'm starring in a Flowers music video
  16. THEY'RE BACK!!

  17. AllsixdifferentSugababes??

    Jokes aside: i never was a fan of original flowers and...i like their version a lot more. Its not as big as some of their MKS leaks but i guess it doesnt have to as its barely a teaser of whats to come next year (thats my guess). Its fine but i guess i was spoiled by such gems as Summer Of 99, Too in Love or Im Alright that Flowers doesnt excite me much. Thats fine though. Im more curious to see them performing and hear whats their plans (if they're willing to spill any beans so early on)
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  18. Siobhan & Keisha look stunning!
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  19. As does Mutya!
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  20. They were brilliant tonight. Had a bit on the sofa as well as performance, vague promises of exciting things for their 20th anniversary next year.
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