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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. He


    Is it "around"? I need to listen.
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  2. Garage was a UK thing
    style that we bring
    Go underground let the journey begin
    We're the Mis-Teeq, We're in chorus we sing
    Quick off the mark, ring a-ding-ding ding
    In a mix with a bag of tricks
    Feel the vibe with the one Sunship, boom!
    Move to the beat it's about music
    Roll through these tracks with our fresh tactics

    The original track is pretty good though, but the Sugababes perfected it. They all sound amazing, especially Siobhan.

    Katy B's version is good too::
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  3. Siobhan sounds gorgeous on the second verse. Obsessed.
  4. I loved Garage. That sound was really quite influenced on the formative Sugababes. MJ Cole's Sincere is a classic of that genre. You should listen to it, @xtophermorrison. I think you'd enjoy it.
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  5. I'm waiting until midnight
    I'm waiting until midnight
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  6. By the time Drag Race UK and Question Time finish, it'll be time for Flowers.
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    Oh I'm already loving this.
  8. OK on second listen I LOVE this even more, I love the strings, the harmonies at the beginning. THE VOCALS.
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    And it is just a cool song, they're coolest Sugababes, so it just fits. Hope this brings them nice press.
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  10. Predictions for tomorrow:

    Mutya will post an Insta story of her listening to the new track in her car
    Keisha will retweet some fan tweets about the song with some heart/microphone/music note emojis
    Siobhan will post a pic of her hunky fella as they sunbathe somewhere aboard on another holiday
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  11. I'm not too familiar with the original, despite knowing it, so I'll need to listen to it soon. I don't know if those stuttery vocals are something that has been inspired by the original, but they sound so good at the start and between the verses. Such a great production!
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    That's one of the staples of Garage.
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  13. Agreed that Siobhan sounds fab on this. She’s such a talented vocalist.

    Although I don’t know if I will be seeking out a second listen. That’s the only trouble with covers - they lose their appeal quickly. It’s not that much different from the original either (apart from the strings). Holding out for new music!

    will add to my ‘current’ playlist to see if it clicks after a couple more listens. Just good to have them back
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  14. Don't forget that all songs are better when sung by the Sugababes.

    Ok, except Breathe Me, but that's the production's fault!
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  15. Never heard the original so this is almost like getting a brand new song.

    If only the rest of us could hear it! :cry:
  16. Hyperventilating. The clips sound glorious. I can't wait for tomorrow morning!
  17. You’re right. After second listen they really do elevate the song. Probably doesn’t help that I wasn't a massive fan of the original.
  18. Loooving Mutya's high notes on her verse!
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  19. Sisters I am having a transcendent experience listening to Flowers. Oh my god, I can't believe they're back. They sound incredible.
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  20. The chills just from listening to these tiny clips. I can’t.
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