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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. I just saw it. It was a really great performance. They sing so effortlessly like its something natural like breathing and speaking.

    I know its a strange observation but: sll 3 of them have such a long hair.

    Also Keisha's words from the little chat: we're actually working on music and we plan to put something special together for our fans.

    Together in what sense? Two albums as in GH and new album? One Touch rerelease and new album? Together with someone..?
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  2. The performance was fantasic, I really enjoyed it :))
    Did someone record it (I‘m not talking about rips) if so please DM me.

    Also did anyone else notice than in some parts of the song the music is louder than them, you almost can‘t hear the vocals.
  3. An extract from DJ Spoony’s interview in the Metro:

    On getting Sugababes involved, he says: ‘It was such a massive chance. They have the most dedicated fans. I covered for Trevor Nelson on Radio 2 and played Overload and mentioned that I might have some Sugababes news coming up, and I should not have said that,’ he cracks up laughing. ‘I had so many DMs getting cross with me for not revealing the news then and there, I had to tease them, though — I wasn’t allowed to say anything yet!’

    Poor guy! He was not ready for us!

    Also, they’ve got so much traction with the media! Reclaiming the name really has made all the difference!
  4. Putting something together doesn't always mean two things. You can put a song together.
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  5. I’m happy to bask in the glory that is Flowers for a good while yet before I start thinking about what’s next.
    Still buzzing for them.
  6. This is amazing! Thank you for introducing me to this! The girls would sound soo good on a song like this!
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  7. Yeah my idea of One Touch gigs seems more and more great @ladylloyd please pitch it. They could do them acoustic in small venues while they sort the new music.
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  8. One more thought before I settle down for the evening.

    The fact that Keisha applied for and got the US trademark in 2015 shows the scale of their ambition next year!

    I think that they plan to go big!
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  9. It's the next track after Flowers on DJ Spoony's album.
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  10. Did any other version of Lay Down ever leak?
  11. I think I'll buy the whole album.
  12. This is still so, so surreal. I think the disbelief is because the entirety of the last six years makes what is happening now seem so jarring. There were the endless promises of soon, which reduced to what was heard from a friend of a friend/a drunken whisper from Mutya at a club, which petered out to complete radio silence. There were the waves of leaks, which I’m very grateful to have heard, but were still awful to process because there was such an amazing album in there which completely justified them reuniting. Then the whole copyright saga which played across three jurisdictions and had us teaching ourselves copyright law and incessantly refreshing the EUIPO website. All of this punctuated by the rare, beautiful, infuriating photos of them together, which would spark new waves of longing and regret just when you thought you had gotten over it.

    I never lost faith, but came to peace with the fact that whatever it was they’d put out would A) take much longer to come, and B) would be in a very limited form. A One Touch acknowledgement seemed far likelier than a new album, and even if the latter happened, I was sure it’d be on a very small label or even self-released, and definitely not under the Sugababes name. As time went on, with things like Siobhán having her baby, Mutya doing solo gigs and Keisha apparently taking up acting(?!), it really felt like this was probably not their main gig any longer, either.

    So to not only have them appear again, but with the name, on a project that is tailor-made for them and with such muscle behind them, and for that to get the reception it deserves, is just something else. Seeing them actually singing together for the first time in half a decade just underlined why the failure of the MKS project was so devastating; because they are so right together, in every single way. Vocally, of course (the best girlband harmonies ever, fight me); musically (the collective taste!); and aesthetically (they just look so good together). When it all comes together, it’s… magic.

    I dunno, I’m just very emotional at the moment. I’m so happy for them, given the shit they’ve had to deal with from the very beginning, which we only know a fraction of. I’m so happy for us, that we finally get to enjoy this. And I’m so happy just personally to have stuck it out with them. Through all the heartbreaks of these years; and the longwinded threads with some of you where we’ve mutually Ciara_crying.gif consoled ourselves; and the painful catharsis of running the SugaRate; and the times I forced myself to go months, even years without listening to their music because it was too unbearable; and through all the voices telling us to Just Let It Go… they’ve always been the one. And I, and we, have this moment in the knowledge that – and this still feels forbidden to write – there’s more to come.
  13. Same. We were always in town weekly, and I would skim through Sam Goody is to see what they had and release week here in the US, the album was there. One Touch was such a formative album for me, up there with Northern Star, Britney, and Stripped. I’ve loved it for 18 years. Some things never change.
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  14. I really believe that them getting the name or use of the name is recent. I mean, and correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Keisha going to try her hand at acting? Not saying she couldn’t do both obviously.

    Also, Flowers is at 20 on the iTunes Ireland chart which I’m not sure has been mentioned.
  15. It doesn't need to be pitched, they've already decided.

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  16. I wouldn’t expect any less from the person who put together the amazing Sugababes rate, but this was so beautifully put.
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  17. So much has happened this year, and I still didn't finish listening to Sugababes' discography. Only "Sweet 7" and MKS tracks left for me to hear.

    So glad that they are back together, I can only imagine how some (most) of you who've waited so long feel about this reunion.

    I can't wait to hear "Flowers", but am saving it for the finale, just because it will be a true...
  18. The only other TV performance I could realistically see them doing for this is the MOBO's, which are next month.
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  19. Flowers climbed up 41 spots on Australian iTunes overnight: currently sitting at #115. I hope this small momentum grows with the Graham Norton performance being on our prime time TV tonight. I would love to see Sugababes break Top 100 - even if it just for a moment. Let me have this.
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  20. It’s so weird that the Denial-inspired oil painting of 3.0 I found on eBay arrived the same day as the Flowers performance and Heidi’s adorable dog passing. Things happen in sacred threes I guess. Just framed and hung it!

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