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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. This totally brightened up my day. I can't stop replaying the LIVE version. It's been on REPEAT.

    The way they harmonised in the intro - "I'LL BRING YOU FLOWERRRSSSSSSSS"


    I've always wanted to say this, amidst all of the drama, I kinda wanted a Keisha album. I mean I go back to the two Siobhan and Mutya albums from time to time. They're still gems to me. One from her will complete the solo collection of the originals.
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  2. Flowers Streaming Numbers: 81,024
  3. acl


    I just came out of the amazon yesterday from a 3 week retreat so was already looking forward to hearing flowers for the first time on spotify. So to come out and hear it and then have my mum tell me that they were on graham norton just blew my mind.

    The studio version is gorgeous but that live performance was EVERYTHING. As you all have said already, they looked incredible, their chemistry was better than ever, 3 unique, confident, classy women. And then the vocals OMG! individually perfection and then together like what you must hear when you reach heaven, their blend is the pinnacle of gods creation.

    I'm going to watch that at least 10 times a day for the next 2 weeks. I'm stoked as well cause im gonna see them next week at the albert hall - life really is a beautiful thing.
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  4. That’s great! I’ve checked discography and it’s more expensive than amazon UK. Will just keep on searching!

    The new song is just getting better for me. I love the brass section in the song. And I’ve missed those harmonies! Is their any other girl group like them!?
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  5. Whoever came up with ‘A Spoony of Suga’, I salute you.
  6. kal


  7. At the end of the day yes you can forget! I’ve not thought about Heidi once or the others in fact!
  8. kal


    There’s no need to forget. You could just, you know, enjoy what’s happening without exclusively talking about Heidi and Amelle.

    What are your thoughts on Flowers?
  9. HRH


    Flowers is amazing and the performance was sublime. The second time they sing "I'll bring you flowers" in the chorus brings me chills (harmonies!!!).

    I think the Heidi talk is just a symptom of people's appetite for a proper Sugababes reunion. Not necessarily new music, just... something. Time has passed, and the divide between the original line-up and Heidi/Amelle is ruining their legacy.

    To quote Aaliyah: we need a resolution.
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  10. I will miss @_Gru_

    What we have right now is the ultimate Sugababes reunion. All six of them together would make loose them all credibility. People would riot.

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  11. Flowers is a great song and their live performance was fab!

    I‘d love they get Heidi on board and form a 4-piece group. Not going to happen and they’re great as they are now, but due to pure nostalgia I can’t help but miss Heidi...
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  12. Yet you remember her now...
  13. They truly are one of a kind. My all-time favourite girl group and one of my favourite musical acts ever!

    And update regarding the b-sides for those who are interested (thanks tor all the tips on how to find them). I’ve now found all of the B-sides and bonus tracks from the Three era through amazon and iTunes with a little research! (for a reasonable price even tho the shipping costs was a bit much). I only miss a few b-sides from the other eras now, but for now I’m really happy with my growing collection.

    Ah, what you do for your faves! I feel they are so special because they are that rare act who actually have b-sides better than some of the album tracks! Especially the One Touch and Three era b-sides! Gosh, I love so many of them
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  14. So as well as having Flowers on loop I'm also really feeling Champagne & Rose's today. Mutya's opening line on that is just.......beyond..... talent wins!
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  15. I've always believed Mutya's voice to be the glue that binds the vocals of Keisha and Siobhan together. Wonderfully, everybody is going nuts online for their harmonies, which is very 'I didn't know they did that' but now they do. They (the 'Babes) sound like a tight group. The tightest. Even the ubiquitous Rita Ora stans 1.0. It's great. I'm so impressed with how this is going. Who knew they'd get this reaction from Flowers?

    No-one needs to feel bad or indignant on Heidi's behalf. She's living her best life, no longer interested in being in the band. Vocally, I'm not sure she fits in anyway.
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  16. HRH


    To be clear: they shouldn't record with Heidi (unless they want to) but it would nice to see a photo with her, maybe a Greatest Hits collection that incorporates her and Amelle (photos, quotes/interviews in the booklet etc.).

    An acknowledgment of this band's history in its entirety is vital. A reunion without that will always feel messy to me.
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  17. I wanted this for Mutya on Overloaded. It didn't happen! I was told it had to be the current lineup. Anything's possible. Me? I expect them to recreate the One Touch cover art as adult women. A 'break the internet' (or maybe damage it a little) moment.
  18. Can we thread-ban the trolls who just keep mentioning H**di at every turn for no reason during this discussion? It’s getting super annoying to come in and discuss what’s happening to have to then have another circular discussion alongside the exciting news the fans have been waiting for for six years. Sure, discuss other members but now really is not the time.
  19. HRH


    Fortunately they aren't with Crown or Island anymore.
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  20. I can see Heidi imaybe being involved again at some point in the future, she was an important part of the group.

    But not any time soon.
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