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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Popjustice, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Can we now have that separate thread for Sugababes????!!
  2. The Graham Norton performance and everything happening is so joyous.
    It seems like it's all been handled and managed really well.

    If you are purchasing physical releases then this is essential.

    Justice for 'Spiral'.

    Did you get 'Twisted', 'Better' & 'Like A Star'?
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  3. I bought the UK edition of Three so now I finally have both Twisted and Buster (which has slowly become one of my fave deep cuts of theirs).

    The songs missing from my collection (the ones I know I want) now is:

    1.0 - Little Lady Love (can't seem to find it anywhere

    2.0 - Like The Weather, Better (don't think I want any other of their B-sides now that I have completed the Three era, the B-sides from Taller is not really my cup of tea).

    3.0 - 3 Spoons of Suga

    I haven't listened to Like a Star yet but I'm sure it's on Spotify in my region. About Spiral, I need to listen to it for the first time now! Will search on Youtube!
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  4. The fact that you seem unable to stan Heidi without slandering Siobhan at every turn - even though neither Siobhan nor Heidi have expressed any desire to have you do so - is what makes you a troll. Siobhan has been part of the group since 1998, when she and Keisha formed the group, and she has every right to be there.

    Also, the current situation has literally nothing to do with Heidi, who has shown no interest in recording again. I like her and she’s an important part of the band’s legacy, but it’s not like she asked to be in the band and Keisha and Mutya told her to get lost - by all accounts this is fine with all three of them. (Also, you’d do well to remember that it was because of Heidi and Amelle that Keisha was kicked out of the band.)

    If you want to jerk off to your Heidi fantasies instead of discussing the members that are actually here, start a PM thread with your two fellow superfans and stay the fuck out of this thread.
  5. The girls have fought for over 6 years for this and stayed dedicated to reclaiming their name, despite every setback and legal complication.

    I understand people will miss Heidi but the least you can do is respect their decision because this line up is clearly what they want. Not anything or anyone else.
  6. kal


  7. I love 1.0 but 4.0 were their when they released my favourite Sugababes single (About a Girl).
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  8. Late to the party and everything has already been said. But... CHILLS. I STILL GET CHILLS.
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  9. Exactly, this is not The Pussycat Dolls.
  10. I don’t see how I’m slandering Siobhan, I’m not saying she is anything like Kerry Katona, the only similarity is that they both left their respective bands before they found huge success and then rejoined. In my first post I said that I love Siobhan as a solo artist.

    I also fully agree that the Sugababes should not have continued without Keisha in 2009, but that is another argument. I simply think the “Sugababes” with Siobhan won’t do anything commercially or be able to drum up enough interest for a tour. The Sugababes were a huge pop act and they should be touring arena’s in the same way Girls Aloud were in 2012, but that won’t happen.

    I’m happy for the fans that were desperate for another 1.0 album.
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  11. I just love everything that you say
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  12. I wouldn't want them to do arenas, even if they could. Sure, it'd look great on paper but seeing them live at the O2 ABC in 2013 was such an amazing experience that I don't think would be the same in an arena.
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  13. There's a time and a place. People are obviously talking about Flowers and the fact that the first line up are back so to continue to try and shoe-horn another member in by bringing them or their dead dog into the discussion all the time is getting tiring. Let us all discuss what is happening rather than trying to bring up the people who aren't there/don't want to be there.

    WHO CARES. Heidi isn't a part of this any more. She is very happy doing what she wants to do. The fact that she was there for a successful part isn't relevant because she wasn't part of the line up that came back.
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  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I don't think the Sugababes with Heidi will do anything commercially either, they're women in their mid-thirties. They've got the musical credibility to do whatever they like though, that much I'm sure of, the problem last time around was signing with a major label and then being at the mercy of a major label's expectations from what we could figure out.

    I'll reiterate the point again... there will be a separate thread allowed in Pop & Justice when they've revealed what their plans are. They said on Graham Norton that 2020 will be when things start to happen again but we might get enough of a drip feed before the end of 2019 to justify a separate thread. When the time comes, the ground rule for that thread will be to only discuss Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan as the Sugababes releasing their 8th studio album, anyone repeatedly flouting that, derailing the discussion by bringing up former members of the band, will be banned from that thread but will be free to use this one for Sugababes - General Discussion. Seems only fair.
  15. The Heidi reivindication now it's funny because those same people didn't care to see a founding member with 6 albums under her belt be replaced with someone else at the last minute. Those people defended 4.0 at the time saying that the "brand" (that awful term that Crown pushed as a justification for their manipulations) was above any individual contribution and history.

    Well, in Heidi's words, the change of members is what helped with the band's longevity because each time it adds a new personality, so just take this like that.
  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Couldn't swear by it but I'm sure the last Heidi's ever said on the Sugababes was that they were on hiatus with no plans to reform 'at the moment', years ago. Then Jade spilled the beans and has never commented on wanting to do anything again, it's really only ever been Amelle who's indicated any interest or commented on ever doing Sugababes stuff again.
  17. Can we please just discuss the band's CURRENT LINEUP and CURRENT PROJECT oh my god!!
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  18. Said no one ever.
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  19. I’ve always enjoyed the symmetry of the different line-ups. Siobhan present only for the first album, Jade present only for the last album. Mutya doing the first four albums, Amelle doing the last four(ish) albums. Keisha doing the first seven albums, Heidi doing the last seven albums.
  20. After being so happy with Sugababes latest song release I was thinking...if they are focusing on their legacy as one of UK’s most successful acts, wouldn’t it be amazing to have them feature on DJ songs and albums until they feel ready to release a new album?

    I don’t know but it would be amazing to have a collab with Disclosure, Jax Jones, SBTRKT or other UK Dj’s and producers. It would be such a treat a long the way, re-introduce them, and also maybe expand their musical experiments.
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